Accessible IT ServiceIt’s 5:30pm in downtown Fort Lauderdale, and your team is down to the wire… putting the finishing touches on the presentation for the new client you’re aiming to land first thing in the morning.

The team has worked tirelessly for the last two weeks and they’re ready to win big – there’s already talk of where the celebratory drinks will be had tomorrow night at that new restaurant and bar on Las Olas.

You’re just about to remind the team that 2 more hours of their undivided attention means that you can all go home at a reasonable hour, when the lights and computers all snap off simultaneously.

Your stomach turns over and suddenly there’s a lump in your throat. After what seems like an eternity (but could have been 2 minutes), the lights come back on. Your heart slows just a bit as the team starts firing up computers again… but something is wrong. The system isn’t connecting to the data you need.

You take a deep breath – no problem, that’s why you outsourced that new IT company, right? You pick up the phone and start dialing, but the rings on the end of the line are rolled over into a general voicemail. The unimaginable happens when you hear the recording that reminds you their offices close at 5:00pm… but if you leave a message, they’ll return your call promptly the following business day! As your head starts pounding, your palms get clammy – how will you fix this mess and get back to finishing up tomorrow’s presentation?

Don’t let this scenario be your nightmare! Having access to a 24/7/365 IT management team is absolutely crucial to your company’s success. Problems strike at the worst times, and you never see them coming! Let 4 Corner IT help you create an emergency and backup plan for your office – contact us now.

At 4 Corner IT we help our customers 24/7/365, for events like this we always have staff on call and ready to get your business back up and running quickly!

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