Optimize Your WiFi Connection – Computer Tip of the Day

computer tip of the day

These days, portability is king. WiFi has allowed devices to be mobile and connected. It also brings several headaches when it doesn’t work or when the signal strength is weak. Luckily, there is something you can do to optimize your WiFi without spending a dime. Router Placement Your router broadcasts WiFi signals in a spherical field. To get the most coverage, place your router closest to the center of the area

Computer Tip of the Day: Upgrading to Windows 10

computer tip of the day

Microsoft updates are the most annoying updates on the market. However, there comes a time when you have to bite the bullet and upgrade in order to keep abreast of industry standards. This computer tip of the day lets you know how to upgrade to Windows 10. Upgrade While it is Free. July 29, 2016 is the final day that Microsoft will offer the Windows 10 upgrade for free to those offices

Computer Tip of the Day: Choosing a Brand for Your Small Business

Computer Tip of the Day

In order to create an effective digital business network for a small company, you must decide on a brand for the office. The computer tip of the day is how to effectively choose a brand that will create an effective network for you. Choosing an OS There is now very little difference between the two major operating systems, Windows and the Apple Mac OS. Choose whichever platform supports the software that your

Absolute and Relative Cell References in Excel (computer tip of the day)

computer tip of the day

Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful computing tools available to a business person, regardless of the context in which they work, be it a home office, small business or trans-national corporation.  Among the many tools available in Excel, absolute and relative cell references are one of the more often over-looked and misunderstood. Your computer tip of the day is what they are and how to use them both:

Computer Tip of the Day: Are You Managing Your Passwords Wisely?

computer tip of the day

One IT security strategy used by various businesses and other organizations is routine password replacement. At regular intervals, such as every three or four months, employees change the passwords to their accounts. The purpose of this strategy is to keep cyber criminals and other unauthorized individuals from successfully using a password. People assume that if the password changes every few months, its older incarnations will lose their relevance, giving legitimate