Computer Tip of the Day: Keeping Your Downloads Folder Clear

downloads folder

Imagine what would happen if you never took out your trash. Even without the massive health risk that rotting, decomposing materials would pose, eventually the sheer volume of waste would be overwhelming. That’s why it just makes sense to keep on top of the trash situation by making it a daily chore. When it comes to keeping your computer’s Download folder clear, something similar can occur. The Problem Most of

Tips for Windows 10: Streamline Your Business With These Tips

tips for Windows 10

After switching to Windows 10, you might find the new interface a little intimidating. But there are several tips for Windows 10 you can use that will give you a more intuitive, fluid, and productive experience. There’s a hidden start menu Just right-click the start button, and you’ll gain access to a pop-up menu with a wealth of administrative capabilities, such as command prompts and the ability to change network

Computer Tip of the Day – How Often Should You Shut Down Your Computer?

Shut Down Your Computer

Whether you work in the office all day or take your laptop with you to work out in the field, it is tempting to avoid shutting your computer off at the end of the day.  Going through the start-up process takes a bit more time than awakening it from sleep mode and sometimes it seems every second counts while on the job. How often should you perform a computer restart?