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Computer Tip of the Day: Managing Account Settings

computer tip of the day

Windows users enjoy a plethora of options for applications and web viewing. For many, shared computers are a necessity. For the computer tip of the day, learn to manage your account settings. By managing your account settings everyone gets what they need while the primary user makes sure no one accesses anything they shouldn’t. From your desktop click on the windows start button located at the lower-left corner of the

Computer Tip of the Day: Microsoft Word

computer tip of the day

Microsoft Word has been a staple writing program for business and home computer users for years. It is often the first program grade school children learn to use in computer class. However, even if you have used Word for many years, there are tricks that even the most seasoned Microsoft Word users may not know. Below are computer tips of the day for Microsoft Word. Filler Text: What may seem useless at first