Lync VoIP: Adding Telefony to Microsoft Lync with VoIP

Microsoft Skype for Business is a collaborative and instant messaging software included in Office 365.

The main features of Skype for Business VoIP are voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, and instant messaging. The combination of these features results in a complete package for business communications.

Businesses can simply add telephony to Skype with a VoIP phone system. Skype + VoIP has several benefits and features to help small businesses. Here are the three most important benefits of the service:

  • Reduction in hardware: VoIP requires less hardware than a landline phone. Less hardware means more savings and less costly maintenance for businesses.
  • Easy to use: VoIP systems are simple to install and don’t require training for employees. The system and features are controlled on a web interface and upgrades don’t require service technicians.
  • Monthly savings: VoIP has a lower monthly cost compared to traditional phones. In addition, businesses don’t have to worry about minutes or long-distance calling, as they’re included in the service.

VoIP makes calling easier and cheaper for businesses. It’s a popular alternative to landline phones that’s only becoming stronger.
But the three features mentioned above only assume that a business merely uses VoIP for its communications. There are even more benefits when a business uses VoIP from a managed services provider.

There is even less of a need for hardware when accessing VoIP through a managed services provider. Businesses can avoid expensive up-front costs such as buying a phone system. Instead, they’re provided with a system from the service provider.
In addition, businesses don’t have to maintain their system. Upgrades and updates are handled by the service provider so that the system stays modern and functional. This not only ensures that businesses won’t have problems with their phone system, but also that they’ll have access to the best and newest features of VoIP.

All of these features can be used together with Microsoft Skype for Business for optimal business communications. VoIP is an investment in the future that should be made as soon as possible.

If you would like more information about VoIP and Microsoft Skype for Business, click here.

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