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The Benefits of Working with an Information Technology Company

information technology company

If it’s not your forte, then working with an information technology company can help fix the weak links in your business operations. Here are some of the specific benefits businesses will receive: Honest advice There’s no incentive for an information technology company to lie to you if you’re already paying them. As long as the company is reputable, you’ll get honest, credible advice for all of your technology issues. No

The Benefits of Professional IT Service Management

Professional IT Service Management

Managed IT services is the practice in which businesses outsource their company’s IT needs rather than maintain an in-house IT department. More small to medium-sized businesses than ever are choosing to enlist the help of a professional IT service management company rather than maintain an in-house team of IT specialists. Here are just a few of the benefits companies are finding professional IT service management provides. Saves Money The primary

Computer Tip of the Day – Spotting Brand New Phishing Pages Made Easier

Phishing Pages Made Easier

Spotting Brand New Phishing Pages Made Easier: There is always a lot of buzz about machine learning and artificial intelligence and in this case it’s been put to good use in order to protect browser users.  Google will soon use a new predictive feature in its Safe Browsing technology to warn users when they visit a questionable site that asks for their credentials. Prevention First In the past, the only

Cable Installation Is an Important Investment

Cable installation

Installing data, voice, and video cables is an investment, and getting a good return means making a good choice. Try too hard to save money, and you’ll have to keep fixing it or do it all over again. Cable installation is an important investment. Good cabling starts with good components. High-quality jacks and cables provide a reliable connection. Cheap ones may fail intermittently or force the network to a lower

Computer Tip of the Day – Introducing Office 2019

Introducing Office 2019

Introducing Office 2019: Microsoft recently announced their intention to release a new version of their Office software package.  Dubbed “Office 2019”, it will be made available as soon as the middle of 2018. This particular package aims at office users who want a powerful package of the latest and greatest office suite tools, but don’t necessarily care for the ever-updating subscription service system of Office 365, and/or don’t want their

Prevent Cyber Crimes At Your Business: Use The Right Network Support

Prevent Cyber Crimes

The chances of a business being impacted by cyber crime increases every day. Thankfully, businesses like yours can have a network support team on your side to defend your business against network hacking and computer hacking. Hacking is always a wide concern, and with the risk of confidential information being stolen and shared, it is not a surprise that the world loses an excessive amount of money due to cyber

5 Safety Tips When Using Public Hotspots

Using Public Hotspots

Do your work needs force you to stay connected on the go? Fortunately, public Wifi hotspots are everywhere. However, it’s important to know how to stay safe when using public hotspots. Keep these tips in mind when using public Wifi. Connect Safely Not all networks are equal. Make sure you’re connecting to the right network and not to a spoofed network that’s been set up by a hacker. Don’t connect

5 Monthly Maintenance Steps for Your Laptop or Computer

Monthly Maintenance

To keep your laptop running smoothly, it’s important to take care of some of its maintenance needs every week or month. Create a checklist of things you need to do on a regular basis. Here are five ideas. Clean Out Your Computer Clean out your computer at least once a month. A lot of junk files will accumulate, and storing too much data can slow down your computer. Uninstall unneeded

How Do You Use Your Social Network Accounts?

Social Network Accounts

We are all aware of how much businesses have changed over the years, and one of the biggest changes is social media. Social media is not only great for staying in contact with all of your customers, but social media makes it much easier for you to sell your products and services. However, it is highly important that your business uses social media in the best way. There are plenty

Computer Tip Of The Day: How Secure Are Your Passwords?

secure passwords

One of the most common methods for protecting someone’s online account and authenticating the person who is using the account is secure passwords. If you have noticed that there have been multiple failed sign-ins on any of your accounts, it could be because someone has compromised your accounts. There is also a chance that one of your accounts may be compromised if you use the same password on all of

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