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IT Service Management: Necessary for Helping you Make Good Decisions About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate and make IT decisions. Instead of hosting everything on local servers, businesses can rely on off-premises resources for software, infrastructure, and other IT needs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that even though cloud computing is rapidly changing the business and IT landscape, you can’t allow yourself to get swept away in it without careful consideration. For example, a recent article in Data Center

Five Reasons Budget-Minded Business Owners Love Managed Services

business owners

Business owners understand that they need secure, well-maintained IT systems to succeed in a competitive and highly connected world. At the same time, many businesses are operating within a relatively small budget for IT services, which range from performing hardware upgrades to responding to new cyber security threats. Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy high-quality IT services within budgetary constraints. Budget-minded business owners often opt for managed services, for the following

Understanding Your Computer’s Life Cycle

Computer's Life Cycle

Setting up and transitioning to new computers is a tricky time for any business. In this blog, we’ll go over your computer’s life cycle so you can have a better understanding of the process and prepare yourself accordingly. 1. Research products If we had to pick one step where businesses go wrong, it’s this. Right at the beginning of the cycle. When it comes to selecting a new computer, there’s no

6 Reasons to Switch to VoIP Today

switch to VoIP

Given the benefits of VoIP, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t switch to it today. Here are all the reasons you should drop what you’re doing now and switch to VoIP systems: Better customer service VoIP offers excellent call quality, and this makes an impression on customers. According to this BCW article, it also helps you keep track of customer information: “Have your customers ever complained of poor voice quality?…. You

The Only 4 Disaster Recovery Tips You Need for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

With hurricane season approaching, we urge East Cost businesses to emphasize disaster recovery more than usual. The good news is that even if we were to face Hurricane Sandy 2.0, you can control and ensure your company’s future. Extra staff training Disaster recovery really comes down to employees in the end. Even if your backup site is up to par, if your employees don’t know what to do in crunch time, your

Three Keys on How to Spot a Phishing Scam

Spot a Phishing Scam

Phishing is the practice of convincing people to provide personally identifiable information by pretending to be something or someone they are not. Here are three ways to spot a phishing scam. Emails from banks or other financial institutions that show up in your spam mailbox telling you that there is a security problem. Usually, they will ask you to do something like click on a link to go to their

Four Things You Need To Know About Backing Up A Computer To An External Hard Drive

Backing Up A Computer

Backing up a computer is critical for your company’s success. If you permanently lose data, you could wind up suffering severe financial costs and experiencing extended downtime that kills your productivity and turns customers away. Data loss can come about in many ways, including employee errors and powerful malware (such as the WannaCry ransomware that popped up in 150 countries). There are a number of options for how to carry out data

Do You Know How Avoid Being Hit by Ransomware? Learn Now!


Ransomware is hitting the headlines more and more lately. Just recently, thousands of companies and institutions, including hospitals, lost access to their data after being hit by a global ransomware attack and were forced to pay a ransom in bitcoins to regain access to it. Being proactive will help protect you from losing your data due to an unsuspecting hacking. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. Back

Do You Know the Fastest Way to Backup a Computer? Learn Now!

Backup a Computer

It’s an all-too-common scenario: your computer has just crashed and you have not taken the time to back it up. Or perhaps your building caught on fire and destroyed some computers. Maybe you simply spilled water all over your laptop and now the computer will not turn on. In many situations, the data is recoverable, but it is a real risk that the data will be gone forever. Why risk it?

Learn How To Free Up Hard Drive Space On Your Business Computer

Free Up Hard Drive Space

It’s an all-too-common problem: your hard drive is out of room and your computer is running slowly. Often it sneaks up on you, and now you have to figure out how to free up enough space to keep working efficiently. There are a couple of solutions to get you back on your feet, as well as stay ahead of the problem in the future. Here are some tips to free up

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