7 Cyber Security Basics to Teach Your Employees

Cyber Security Basics

When people hear “cyber crime,” they will often picture a malicious, shadowy figure doing complex hacking to break into a system. The reality is that the danger is much more likely to be from your own staff. Employee negligence is the biggest risk to cyber security for American companies, with human error being the main cause behind 47 percent of data breaches in a 2018 survey. In order to fight

Is Your Business WiFi Network Secure?

Business WiFi

More and more businesses rely on their internet connection to provide outstanding customer service and support the productivity levels of virtually every employee in their company. Not only is it important for everyone to have good access to the router, it’s also vital to ensure that only employees have access to corporate WiFi. Here are some tips for small businesses to properly secure their corporate WiFi router. Place in a

Check Out These 10 Scary Cybersecurity Statistics

Protect Business from Cyber Attack

In today’s world with everything being put on the World Wide Web, there is seen a rapid increase in cybersecurity threats. Often small businesses do not invest enough money and energy into foolproofing their data. As a result, such businesses can become susceptible to threats and attacks from the cyberspace. If you are a small business owner then the following statistics might interest you.  10 Scary Cybersecurity Statistics Email is

How to Clear or Flush the DNS Cache in Windows

How to Flush DNS Cache

Sometimes slow internet connection hinders our productivity or whatever we’re browsing online for. This could be due to many reasons, and one common reason involves your DNS cache. What is a DNS Cache? A Domain Name Server (DNS) cache acts like a temporary directory where it stores domain names for the computers to access and read. A simple analogy to better understand a DNS cache is to compare it to

How to Leverage Technology for your Business Growth

Business Growth

Businesses, as well as the rest of the world, are in an era of rapid technological transformation. Simultaneously, customers are getting enhanced experiences, high-quality products and services. This digital revolution is an excellent opportunity for business to leverage for growth. These are some of the considerations your business could use to progress. Marketing Businesses are no longer relying on traditional methods of marketing. Digital marketing has proven effective, as well