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Benefits of IT Service Management for Your Company

Benefits of IT Service Management for Your Company

Regardless of the focus or area of expertise of your particular business, having access to a consistent and reliable network and an equally reliable computer system is critical to success. Unfortunately, these systems are starting to become even more complex than they have ever been. The ever-increasing complexity of modern networks and computer system has resulted in the installation and maintenance of these systems becoming ever more complicated for those responsible for

Computer Tip of the Day: Folder Configuration

Folder Configuration

Folder Configuration A simple issue that can cause stress during the workday is organization. It’s simple to see when someone is disorganized in the office–their papers are everywhere, perhaps their coat is strewn on a table, their desk drawers are half-closed. But having an unorganized computer system is just as detrimental to productivity. It’s a simple task to spend five minutes a day cleaning up your work computer, and the

Are You Receiving The Services Your Need From Your Network Support Provider?

Network Support Provider

Getting ahead of the competition is always important in every industry, especially when the industry is filled with competition and is very lively. One of the key ways you can ensure that you will place yourself in front of your competitors is to make sure you have the right network support service on your side. The right network support service will ensure that you are equipped with a variety of

Online Identity: Understanding and Keeping It Secure

Online Identity

With the proliferation of the internet over the past several years, the term “online identity” has become commonplace and is practically a buzzword. However, lots of people do not have a full grasp of what an online identity is and its significance in our Internet-driven world. Simply put, your online identity is a digital composite generated by websites based on your interactions online. Websites build an online identity based on

Will New Technology Really Change Work and Home?

Will New Technology Change Work & Home

If you’re ever bored on a Friday night, go back and read dated doomsday articles. Whether these articles are related the tempest in a teapot that was Y2K or the fear that e-books will wreck the publishing industry, after a while, you’ll notice that no matter the tech being discussed, many of the arguments start to sound alike. From a historical perspective, what strikes home is not the evolution of these social

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