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Do You Know the Fastest Way to Backup a Computer? Learn Now!

Backup a Computer

It’s an all-too-common scenario: your computer has just crashed and you have not taken the time to back it up. Or perhaps your building caught on fire and destroyed some computers. Maybe you simply spilled water all over your laptop and now the computer will not turn on. In many situations, the data is recoverable, but it is a real risk that the data will be gone forever. Why risk it?

Learn How To Free Up Hard Drive Space On Your Business Computer

Free Up Hard Drive Space

It’s an all-too-common problem: your hard drive is out of room and your computer is running slowly. Often it sneaks up on you, and now you have to figure out how to free up enough space to keep working efficiently. There are a couple of solutions to get you back on your feet, as well as stay ahead of the problem in the future. Here are some tips to free up

Investing in Network Cable Installations Will Save You Money and Avoid Future Costs

network installation

When we pick up a phone, we expect an immediate dial tone. We rarely think of all the hardware and technology behind that dial tone. Similarly, when our users and customers access our data and voice networks, they expect immediate service, high-speed access with low latency. That is where network cable installations comes in. The general news media often comments on Moore’s law which essentially declares that chip speeds will

Computer Tip: Learn How To Keep Your Outlook Inbox Clean

Outlook inbox

An Outlook inbox that is constantly full is frustrating, and can make it more difficult to notice important emails. How do you maintain your Outlook inbox without spending hours each day? Microsoft Outlook has a couple of built-in features that help you quickly and continually keep your inbox clutter-free. Folders Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to begin cleaning up your inbox is by using folders. This will help you separate each

Everything You Need To Know About Remote Data Backups

Remote Data Backups

Remote data backups, also known as ROBO backup, is the practice of securely storing mission-critical data in remote offices. The advantage of this approach is that it allows an organization to keep all of its data in one place. Remote file backup services allow you to log into a remote drive and through an online interface upload a company’s data. The entry point of storage space for most remote data

Business Computer Backup: How To Backup Your Computer To The Cloud

Cloud Backup

Cloud backups are the easiest form of backup to set up and maintain, and most services allow access to your files from various platforms.  And learning about business computer backup is very important. To backup your files, create an account, download software, and input your account information. After this process, every time your computer goes online, the software will automatically back up your files. Do not confuse online backup services

Don’t Become a Victim: Avoid Phishing Emails With These Tips

Avoid Phishing Emails

Phishing emails remain a popular method cyber criminals use to coerce users out of sensitive account information or to inject malicious code on a user’s machine. Individuals fall for phishing scams each day, leading to identity theft, security breaches, and exposure of confidential business data. According to the Anti-Phishing Work Group, 2016 was a record year for phishing attempts and the trend is expected to continue in 2017. Here are

Three Reasons You Should Backup Programs To An External Hard Drive

external hard drive

We have no doubt in our minds that you can backup programs to an external hard drive . You, on the other hand, might need a bit more convincing, so here are three reasons on why this is a good idea. Backing up files to an external hard drive. A simple way to back up files is to copy it to an external hard drive. Keep your device away from

Essential Network Security Support: ICMP Protocol Security

Essential Network Security Support

Essential Network Security Support: The TCP/IP protocol stack includes Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)  designed as a troubleshooting tool that can provide feedback to network devices either for status information or when problems such as network routing failures occur. ICMP has also been used as a cyber-attack reconnaissance tool facilitating mapping of target networks, Denial of Service attacks, and covert channels for remote unauthorized network access. Unfortunately, blocking all ICMP

Tips for Windows 10: Streamline Your Business With These Tips

tips for Windows 10

After switching to Windows 10, you might find the new interface a little intimidating. But there are several tips for Windows 10 you can use that will give you a more intuitive, fluid, and productive experience. There’s a hidden start menu Just right-click the start button, and you’ll gain access to a pop-up menu with a wealth of administrative capabilities, such as command prompts and the ability to change network

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