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Understanding the Subscription Based Economy

subscription based economy

If you are not creating long-term relationships with your customers, you are missing out on the benefits of a phenomenon known as a subscription based economy. In such an economy, the customers and the services they receive are more profitable than the shipping of an actual product. Several corporations in different sectors are seeing great results after shifting their focus in this direction. Volvo’s Ownership Alternative Recently, the automaker Volvo

Computer Tip of the Day: Keep Your Keyboard Clean

Keyboard Clean

Think back to the last time you cleaned your computer keyboard.¬†Keep thinking. If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned yours, you would not be the only one. Although many people spend more time at their keyboards than they do in their bathrooms, they give much less thought to routine keyboard cleanings than routine toilet scrubs. According to experts, however, you should be cleaning those keys at least twice

Automate Security Instead of Leaving It Up to Employees

Automate Security

Device and network security can fall a bit by the wayside until there’s a crisis. This is even truer for smaller businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT team. Meeting sales goals, preparing for an audit, and getting customer complaint statistics out of the red zone are usually far more pressing (and measurable) tasks than shoring up your systems against outages or attacks. But downtime and data vulnerabilities get expensive

Is It Time To End Your Relationship With Your Current Network Support Provider?

Current Network Support Provider

Sometimes it can be easy to determine if your IT provider or network support provider is not serving any of your needs. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, these are signs that indicate you need to rethink your current network support provider. Are you unable to retrieve any of your backups although you are paying for a data backup plan? Do your network support questions go unanswered?

Why You Should Outsource Your IT Services

Why Outsource Your IT Services

Having constant access to a reliable and secure network is very important for businesses of all sizes. While many businesses try to employ IT services in-house, it is often far more beneficial to have this function outsourced. There are several reasons why you should consider engaging a professional for IT management services. Constant Support One reason why you should consider hiring a professional service provider for information technology management is

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