Why Patch Management is Important in 2019 and Beyond

It might seem plausible for IT managers to believe 2019 was a particularly bad year for patch management issues, thinking perhaps they’ll finally be able to focus on other “more important” security issues in 2020 and beyond, but that is not at all realistic. In fact, as both employers and employees alike find new ways to harness technologies that help to increase productivity and grow their business, the expansion of

Why Are We Weary of Emerging Technologies?

Why are we weary of emerging technologies?

It seems that there’s a new emerging technology every week. So many of us can be forgiven for having entered into a kind of technology fatigue, in which emerging technologies become something to be avoided, perhaps even feared. Or perhaps we’re just tired of constantly having to try and keep up with them. What Causes Technology Fatigue? So, why has this technology fatigue entered the equation? There are a few

Don’t Let IT Get You Down

Don't Let IT Get You Down

A career in information technology (IT) has its benefits. It usually pays well, and you’ll often have the option to work flexible hours or remotely if necessary. But, there are also significant downsides, including having to spend all day staring into a screen and trying to figure out crashes and bugs that don’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dev manager or a help desk tech, because

What is Shadow IT?

What is Shadow IT?

Shadow IT is the collective term used to classify all information technology applications and infrastructure that is used in the workplace without authorization of the company’s IT department. This includes software, web applications/servers, hardware, and cloud technologies.  Employees often bring in applications into the company that they believe will help them achieve their tasks or complete their projects better. This is often the case as well. Shadow IT is often

Can You Do Your Own Tech Support? Yes, and No

Can You Do Your Own Tech Support? Yes, and No

As a small business owner, you already know the value of technology. And you may try to do it all on your own. But, there are some areas that you are better off outsourcing to an expert. On the flip side, there are many things you can do without assistance to keep from dipping into your profits. Here are a few DIY IT dos and don’ts. Do choose your own