Best Computer BrandsSome of the best computer brands on the market may be names that surprise you when you may think Apple dominates everything in the computer world.

While they’re still generally considered #1, what about when you’re looking for something more affordable or even more durable?

The iMac and MacBook Pro lines are still quite expensive to buy, and some consumers are starting to turn to alternatives that provide all the basics you need.
Here’s 4 Corner IT‘s Best Computer Brands:

Asus as the Budget-Friendly Computer Brand

You’ve no doubt heard about Asus or even had a friend who’s purchased an Asus desktop or laptop in order to save money. They’re generally half the price of Apple’s iMac, yet have all the basics so you’re never want for the traditional things everybody needs.

However, Asus goes a little beyond that. Their M70AD-US003S desktop has a fast solid-state hybrid drive, plus full capability for multimedia. It also has the modern features of near-field communication and Qi wireless charging so you won’t feel like you’re falling behind.

PC Mag voted their desktop second to Apple’s Mac Pro in quality. Keep in mind Asus also puts out excellent laptops that sell for as little as a few hundreds dollars in most outlets. Their Transformer Book T100TA laptop was also voted by PC Mag to be superior next to Apple’s Macbook Pro.

CyberPower Zeus Mini

If you’re primarily a gamer on your PC, this affordable computer is also considered one of the best around. As a midrange gaming desktop, it’s very compact and has a lot of power for something so small. The price is around $1,800, though its lower price may be because it can’t be easily upgraded.

Nevertheless, it’s a name you probably haven’t thought of if you’re searching for a PC with powerful gaming capability and one that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

The Continuing Popularity of Dell

You don’t hear a lot of chatter about Dell computers nowadays, yet they’ve quietly continued to be a popular computer brand in the desktop and laptop markets. Their Precision T3610 is one of the best desktop workstations around today based on its fast processor speed and 3D graphics capability. Plus, it’s very upgradeable with a chassis that’s easy to open for IT technicians.

Dell laptops are also still a major force. The Latitude E7440 is a popular laptop based on its extreme durability and outstanding features. You have to pay more for those, however, yet some find it superior even to the MacBook Pro. It’s all going to depend on whether you’re still an adherent to Windows or still fear the threat of Windows viruses.

Contact us here at 4 Corner IT so we can be your IT support service to keep everything running smoothly. No matter how superior the brand is, without proper prevention and technical monitoring, your computer can be rendered useless when mishaps or viruses cripple your network.

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