Why Cloud Storage Isn't Enough for Disaster Recovery
cloud servers.

Signing up for a cloud storage service provider means you’re on the right track for disaster recovery planning. The next step is to avoid being like one of the many businesses that think that using cloud storage by itself is an adequate disaster recovery plan.

Although backing up your data on the cloud is an important step of disaster recovery, there are several other aspects to the planning, such as communication, employee assignments, and so on.

recent Cloud Tweaks article discusses this common pitfall and explains why it can be so damaging to businesses. According to the article, there are several important aspects to disaster recovery planning, and cloud storage can really only be effective if all the other pieces of the puzzle are in place:

“Just assessing your technology environment is not enough. A comprehensive assessment should look at your organization from three distinct points of view: your technology team, the business leaders IT serves and the finance executives who have to agree to pay for it all. The true potential of cloud technology can only be realized by tightly aligning technology with business objectives.”

If a business purchases a cloud storage service plan to make all of their business continuity problems go away, they’re going to be in for a rough surprise when disaster strikes. Data loss is only one of the many harsh implications that stems from a disaster, and therefore data recovery on its own isn’t enough to fully restore business operations.

Businesses should plan and discuss a thorough disaster recovery plan for when the time comes. This includes how the business will be able to communicate with clients and customers, what the role of each employee will be, and how the business will restore it’s data.

This plan is crucial for business continuity and it is often complex. Business with no experience in the subject should considering outsourcing their IT services so as to not jeopardize their future business continuity.

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