Computer Tip Of The Day (MS Excel)Microsoft Excel is a cornerstone of the business office. From salaries to sales and everything in between, its’ uses almost defy belief. But there are so many of us that don’t, won’t or can’t leverage it to its’ fullest potential because we don’t know all the little ins and outs that the experts know. No more!

Your computer tip of the day is for Microsoft Excel, and it’s really simple. Learn the keyboard shortcuts you need to make things go faster. Here are a few examples:

  • Formulas in cells feature relative computational links. When they fill down or right or are copied from one location to another, the formulas contained therein update automatically based on the new cells’ positions. So, if I have a cell in C1 that adds A1 to B1 and I copy to C2, it will now add A2 and B2, instead.
  • Use Ctrl-C to copy a cell’s or range’s contents
  • Use Ctrl-V to paste the clipboard contents. If you need to copy one cell or range to multiple, contiguous locations, you can highlight the starting cells first and then use Ctrl-V to paste into all of those locations.
  • Ctrl-Z will undo your mistakes, and can go backwards up to 25 entries or more, depending on your version of Office.
  • Ctrl-Y will redo your undone mistakes, but only up to the point that you make a new change.
  • Ctrl-X cuts the contents of a cell.
  • Ctrl-R copies the contents of a cell to a highlighted range to the right
  • Ctrl-D copies the contents of a cell to a highlighted range down.

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