Prepare Early for Hurricane Season with Continuity of Operations Planning

If you’re a small business recently opening here in Florida, you’re just as vulnerable to disasters as the big companies surrounding you.

Not all small businesses new to the Florida area understand that continuity of operations planning has a more dire importance because of the threats of hurricanes.

However, it goes beyond hurricanes to the point of general disaster possibilities sometimes coming out of left field.

According to this article, all businesses have requirements that are critical to their function. You may have a printer contracted to create tickets, or specialized equipment that you can’t do business without.

It’s easy to get complacent about all of the above when nothing bad has ever happened to your business. While it’s true that Florida hasn’t had a damaging hurricane for a while, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen this year. As we see more and more unexpected weather events occur around the nation, don’t expect anything less here in Florida where anything can occur, including sinkholes.

So if you’ve done nothing toward disaster planning based on past track record, what should you do to start planning now? Continuity of operations planning is easier now thanks to digital technology available to store your data internally rather than in file cabinets or through an on-site database.

Here at 4Corner IT, we have all the tools you need for proper business continuity so you’re prepared for any type of disaster, even if it’s caused by humans.

Replicating Your Server to the Cloud

There isn’t any smarter move than having all your data sent to the cloud every time you save something. By replicating your server, you essentially have the entire contents of your business (including online software and hardware) backed up in the cloud. This immediately helps you if the power goes out for more than a week due to natural circumstances.

All you have to do is get yourself and your staff to another location where Internet is available, and all your data is readily accessible again. If you can do this the same day, downtime is minimal if even non-existent. In this case, you already know how dangerous downtime is to the survival of businesses, especially small ones.

Your Phone Systems Work the Same Way

If you’re still using landline phones in your business, you may want to move your phone systems to the cloud as well as part of a VoIP service. When you move your phones to the cloud, you immediately have your phone service available in another location, including data on your customers.

With customer phone calls being a vital part of any business, the sooner you can get them operational again, the better.

As a result, any massive hurricane hitting us later this summer won’t shut you down like it will for so many others who didn’t prepare. It’s time you eliminated any complacency and started thinking seriously about your continuity of operations in dire situations.

Contact us here at 4Corner IT and we’ll show you how fast the implementation is to the cloud without causing any obstructions.

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