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Was Your South Florida Business Ready For Hurricane Irma? Ours Was!

It has been a few days since Hurricane Irma has passed through the South Florida area. While roughly half the state remains without power, our Fort Lauderdale office has been up and running since 8:00 AM Monday, operating on generator power with full internet connectivity. In addition, our offices in New York and California as well as our teams in Arkansas, and Iowa continue to be fully engaged in our

The Only 4 Disaster Recovery Tips You Need for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

With hurricane season approaching, we urge East Cost businesses to emphasize disaster recovery more than usual. The good news is that even if we were to face Hurricane Sandy 2.0, you can control and ensure your company’s future. Extra staff training Disaster recovery really comes down to employees in the end. Even if your backup site is up to par, if your employees don’t know what to do in crunch time, your

Don’t Become a Victim: Avoid Phishing Emails With These Tips

Avoid Phishing Emails

Phishing emails remain a popular method cyber criminals use to coerce users out of sensitive account information or to inject malicious code on a user’s machine. Individuals fall for phishing scams each day, leading to identity theft, security breaches, and exposure of confidential business data. According to the Anti-Phishing Work Group, 2016 was a record year for phishing attempts and the trend is expected to continue in 2017. Here are

Backing Up Your Data: Analytics Help Manage Data Backup

backing up your data

Businesses amass huge amounts of data. It’s all important, but it’s not all of equal importance. Working documents are more important than cache files, and the ideal strategy for backing up your data recognizes that. If the disk drive fails, it’s the live documents that need to be up to the minute. Analytics help a business define a backup strategy with priorities that reflect its needs. Backing up your data

IT Support Helps Keep Your Data Backups Safe By Removing Ransomware

removing ransomware

Ransomware continues posing a serious threat to businesses. IT support can keep your business protected by removing ransomware. A recent article from The Atlantic presents estimates of the staggering losses companies sustain when this malware takes hold of their devices and blocks access to their data. The FBI’s estimate is that between January to March of this year alone, ransomware led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. Keep in mind

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