How to Help Employees Transition to IT Support for Miami Small Businesses

it support for miami small businessesSwitching to IT support for Miami small businesses is a big transition, and you have to make sure all your employees are on-board. When you transition to IT support, don’t just assume that everyone will make the leap flawlessly.

Although it’s pretty hard to mess IT support up, you can do so by managing the transition wrong. According to a recent Forbes article, you should give employees time to adjust to the new technology:

“And the last way to royally screw up IT outsourcing? Tell people to pipe down when they gripe and complain about the change. Ignore the fact that they probably feel threatened, and penalize them when their productivity and engagement drops.”

Here’s how you can help employees make the transition:

Talk about the new technology

Before you introduce anything new, let employees know that you’re outsourcing your IT. This will prepare them for the transition mentally.

The main thing you want to get across is that everything is staying the same except for a few minor changes. This will help employees calm down and embrace the switch.

Help struggling employees

Most employees won’t have any trouble at all during the transitional phase. At the same time, there’s always someone who struggles with a new interface. Make sure you give them additional support and point out the similarities to your old technology.

Get feedback

And finally, it’s important to know how your employees feel about IT support. If many of them strongly oppose it, then you probably did something wrong in regard to the transition. You can fix this by starting over and simplifying things.

The idea of IT support is to make things easier for your business. Once you get through the transitional phase, you won’t have to think about IT anymore. But to get to that point, you have to successfully make the leap.

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