Why Patch Management is Important in 2019 and Beyond

It might seem plausible for IT managers to believe 2019 was a particularly bad year for patch management issues, thinking perhaps they’ll finally be able to focus on other “more important” security issues in 2020 and beyond, but that is not at all realistic. In fact, as both employers and employees alike find new ways to harness technologies that help to increase productivity and grow their business, the expansion of

Don’t Let IT Get You Down

Don't Let IT Get You Down

A career in information technology (IT) has its benefits. It usually pays well, and you’ll often have the option to work flexible hours or remotely if necessary. But, there are also significant downsides, including having to spend all day staring into a screen and trying to figure out crashes and bugs that don’t make any sense. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dev manager or a help desk tech, because

Can You Do Your Own Tech Support? Yes, and No

Can You Do Your Own Tech Support? Yes, and No

As a small business owner, you already know the value of technology. And you may try to do it all on your own. But, there are some areas that you are better off outsourcing to an expert. On the flip side, there are many things you can do without assistance to keep from dipping into your profits. Here are a few DIY IT dos and don’ts. Do choose your own

How Do Managed Service Providers Benefit Real Estate Companies?

How Do Managed Service Providers Benefit Real Estate Companies?

Real estate companies typically perform a variety of functions including both the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, along with minor or perhaps even major involvement in the rental markets as well. While the real estate industry has been somewhat reluctant to wholeheartedly embrace technology as an integral partner to help them provide services to their clients, there are signs of that changing. Streamlining Communication Real estate agents

The Cost of IT Support for Small Organizations

Practices for IT Service Management

The familiar adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”, often holds true for many different types of services and products. Especially for newer, rapidly growing industries like information technology, it is not uncommon for companies to be somewhat unfamiliar with what constitutes a fair cost, what level of service to expect, and so forth. Unfortunately, when searching for an IT vendor, some companies still