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4 Ways to Make Your Data Safe

4 Ways to Make Your Data Safe

Security breaches can be disastrous for a business. Stolen data can result in financial liability and loss of customer confidence. Ransomware and other sabotage will lead to downtime and even permanent data loss. To avoid such outcomes, you need a comprehensive security strategy. Access control Only authorized people should have access to internal software and sensitive data. All accounts need to have strong passwords. Two-factor authentication gives greater protection, so

Network Support in Miami Explains No-Cost Ways to Keep Company Data Safe

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Like any other small or medium business owner, you rely on such data as customer addresses, commercial transaction records, and supplier contracts, to keep your company humming. You’ve no doubt implemented several software solutions to protect your network from hackers and malware. Such measures proved costly and time-consuming to implement. If you want to increase protection for your company information, follow these tips, which cost you nothing. Turn your displays

Data Privacy And The Cloud: Fact Versus Fiction

Is cloud computing “bad or risky” for data privacy? Is personal data more “secure and protected” in the cloud? Or less? The impact of cloud computing on data privacy is a complex and sometimes controversial topic. There are a number of misperceptions about data privacy that are inhibiting cloud adoption in many parts of the world. These questions have been addressed at length by Dr. Lothar Determann, data privacy expert, legal scholar