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Network Support Doesn’t End When It’s Time to Trash or Give Away Your Used Devices and Equipment

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If you’re like most companies today, there comes a time when the devices, desktops and laptops you’re using just don’t offer what the new models can. It becomes important to upgrade so that your staff has access to all the resources and software they need to do their jobs, and so that your company can grow. However, getting rid of old equipment and devices is not something that any manager

Improving Router Security | Network Support Tips

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A recent article from Alphr makes interesting predictions about the future of computer security. As people come to rely on a wider variety of Internet-enabled devices – not just their laptops or phones, but objects like thermostats, cameras, and sensors – traditional antivirus programs will likely become less important than programs designed to protect routers and entire networks of devices. This shift in focus aims to keep hackers from seizing

Why Small Businesses Need Network Support

Network support

All businesses need email, phone calls, computers, and live chats to ensure operations run smoothly. While small businesses need these tools as much as large businesses, they do not always recognize the benefits of network support. Here are some of the many reasons small businesses need network support. Business as Usual Technology forms the backbone of the vast majority of businesses. Accordingly, if the hardware and software fails, the business also

Network Support in Miami Explains No-Cost Ways to Keep Company Data Safe

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Like any other small or medium business owner, you rely on such data as customer addresses, commercial transaction records, and supplier contracts, to keep your company humming. You’ve no doubt implemented several software solutions to protect your network from hackers and malware. Such measures proved costly and time-consuming to implement. If you want to increase protection for your company information, follow these tips, which cost you nothing. Turn your displays

Outsourced IT support is a leg up to the playing field


The thing about your internal enterprise IT support is that the latter is always a cost center and somewhat like a 25-pound weight around your otherwise lean midsection. Who hasn’t cringed under the gimlet eye of the IT manager, who, in response to a suggestion or request for more data access has replied, “No, we can’t do that now. Our system is maxed out because of the monthly usage reports

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