Daily Time Saving Tips for Office Computer Users

Daily Time Saving Tips

It is a fact that all employees have a particular number of hours to work every day. So, your employees should maximize on time during working hours because it impacts their productivity. As an employer, you need to appreciate that office computers offer a platform for employees to access information that is not in line with their daily activities. The implication is that staff can easily suffer distraction while working

5 Productivity Tips for Google Docs

Productivity Tips

While most people are used to using Microsoft Word for their writing and editing needs, Google Docs remains a worthy alternative. Since everything is in the cloud, it’s a great way to collaborate with other users and share documents. It will also free up some space on your computer. Here are a few tips for working with Google Docs. Type With Your Voice Google Docs has a voice to text

Folder Configuration – Computer Tip of the Day

Folder Configuration

Folder Configuration A simple issue that can cause stress during the workday is organization. It’s simple to see when someone is disorganized in the office–their papers are everywhere, perhaps their coat is strewn on a table, their desk drawers are half-closed. But having an unorganized computer system is just as detrimental to productivity. It’s a simple task to spend five minutes a day cleaning up your work computer, and the

To Boost Productivity, Have You Tried Automation Apps For Multitasking?

boost productivity

Companies regularly aim to boost productivity among employees. Employees themselves often look for ways to achieve more in a shorter amount of time, free up time for other activities, and avoid getting bogged down in costly errors and inefficiencies. There’s no shortage of articles advising people on how to become more productive. One strategy is to rely on automation apps for multitasking. Automation apps help employees handle a variety of

IT Consulting Services Allow You To Get More Done

Considering 4 Corner IT Consulting Services As a small or medium sized business owner, you are constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions. In order to have any hope of completing your todo list, you have no choice but to surround yourself with people you can trust to work just as hard for your business as you do. Investing in IT Consulting Services gives you one of the tools you need