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How to Disable and Delete Startup Programs in Windows

how to delete startup programs

Congratulations! You’ve bought a brand-new Windows computer…but there’s just one problem: you have a bevy of annoying startup programs that you have no use for, and you want to delete without causing a problem. Did you know, all of these automatically opening programs consume system memory, and can drag down performance. Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to delete startup programs in Windows: Bear in mind that the more software

Simple Explanation of a Virtual Appliance

The idea of a virtual appliance is confusing to some people. These appliances are extremely useful, but it is difficult to understand how and why if you are not a highly technical individual. According to this article, a virtual appliance (VA) is a virtual machine (VM) image file consisting of a pre-configured operating system (OS) environment and a single application. The purpose of a virtual appliance is to simplify delivery and

Types of Computers: From the Stationary Desktop to Mobile Technology

History shows that the types of computers available have evolved quickly in just the last decade than they have in the entire history of the computer. Ever since the computer’s earliest days, the intention has always been that we’d be forever tied down to a desk when working on one. Now it’s strictly a personal preference as mobile devices become the standard in how we use a computer while on

The Future of Computing Started in 1969: Unix Based Operating Systems

Unix PC 1985

The future of computing lies in an operating system that was built in 1969, Unix. Many feel that smartphone technology is more successful than its bulky counterpart, Windows. Statistics in 2012 showed that out of 1.1 billion smartphone users, 900 million considered iOS and Android, Unix-based operating systems, their preferable choice. These numbers are showing that 4/5th of the population is happily walking around with Unix in their pocket. Both

Technology can hurt productivity


There is an 'instant' feeling to so much of what we do and expect to be done in life that this has kind of clouded the way we interact with one another. For example, if we receive an email, the sender expects an instant reply and if we don't reply within an often very narrow time frame, the sender will often move on. ‘Instant’ is a two way street, so

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