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Virtualization is an effective way to reduce IT expenses. Determining the top VM software for your business requires you to assess your company’s needs.

According to this article, most modern computers are powerful enough to run entire operating systems within your main operating systems, which means virtual machines are more commonplace today than ever.

The size of your business, the size of your budget and what you need the VM software to accomplish are all important things to take into consideration.

VMware is perhaps the top runner when it comes to VM software for businesses

They offer a free trial of the software so your business can determine if it provides the necessary services. It works well for small and midsize business alike. VMware offers slightly more third-party integration and support than other similar products.

Microsoft also offers a quality VM software called Hyper-v

It is a standalone version of the Windows Server. One benefit of this software is that the licensing cost is also part of server license as opposed to being individually licensed. Microsoft offers a free version of their software and may be a smart choice for a business that does not need multiple physical hosts.

VM software called Citrix is the lesser of three most popular options

Citrix is more experienced when it comes to application deployment than VMware, however, both have adequate abilities in this area. Citrix is flexible and has the ability to be run on several different servers. It offers full support for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients the same as VMware and Hyper-v. Citrix is able to meet the needs of both midsized to large businesses.

  • Choosing the right VM software for your business comes down to understanding what your needs are.
  • All three of these products have pros and cons, and one may fit your needs better than another.
  • Each software offers unique capabilities, but their main features are largely the same.
  • Understanding the needs of your business will better help you decide which of these software solutions is the best fit.


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