protect yourself from eavesdropping on voip phone systems

VoIP phones are becoming increasingly popular among business owners due to their low cost and flexibility. You should know that no phone system is entirely secured right out of the box, but there are steps you can take to keep your business from being at risk.

4 Corner IT can implement these steps for you when you sign up for VoIP services. Here are some ways you can increase the security of VoIP services easily and inexpensively:

1. Maintain Separate Networks

Maintaining separate networks for your data and VoIP services will expose the network to fewer threats because there is a smaller attack surface as a result. Your networks do not have to be separated physically, as using technology to create a “logical separation” will also suffice.

2. Take Advantage of Encryption

Being able to intercept VoIP phone calls won’t benefit a hacker if he or she is unable to decipher them as a result. Encryption won’t prevent calls from being captured, but could nonetheless deter hackers since they would be unable to understand them.

3. Use Firewalls to Keep People Out

This should go without saying, but you need a firewall that is especially secure whenever you are using VoIP communications in order to prevent people from being able to intercept your phone calls in the first place.

4. Authenticate Users on the Network

This will ensure that unauthorized users are unable to use your network, which in turn will reduce the odds of an interception.

5. Avoid Talking on Wireless Networks

Your risk of outside interference increases whenever you use VoIP in conjunction with a wireless network. As such, you should caution employees who are frequently away from the office as to the dangers of using VoIP to communicate via a laptop.

These are a few things you can do to ensure privacy while using VoIP services. To find out more about how VoIP services can benefit your business, contact us.

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