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Search engines are something that most of us rely on each day to answer both personal and business-related questions. Almost everyone turns to Google first now, but is it really the best search engine on the internet? Today we’re going to examine why Google is so popular. Additionally, the benefits it offers over search engines such as Bing and Qwant.

How Often is Google Used?

The statistics surrounding our use of Google each day are staggering. Every second, over 99,000 Google searches are performed, which is roughly 92% of all searches on the internet. In just one day, more than 8.5 billion searches are performed. This is why the term “Google” is now used as a regular verb in our vocabulary. People have yet to adopt other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing in this way. Thus, why Google is undoubtedly the number one search engine in the world.

Why is Google So Popular?

There are many reasons for Google’s popularity. Over the years, the company has worked hard to earn the respect of its users. It searches through 30 trillion web pages to find you the best results each and every time. In less than half a second, you receive accurate and useful results. The results can help you with business or personal matters.

One of the few criticisms of Google is that the search engine focuses on search engine optimization. While this can be useful for businesses trying to appear higher in search engine results, it means you don’t necessarily receive the best results for some search terms. You can also be exposed to threats from time to time when certain tricks are used by businesses to get higher up in the results, but the competition still struggles to keep up with Google.

Customized Google Searches

Another great thing about Google when compared to other search engines is that your search results are customized based on a variety of factors. The algorithm that is used to show content in the results is based on your specific profile, including your search history and geographic location. This helps to give users the most accurate results possible, setting Google apart from other sites.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to customizable searches. A filter bubble is often an issues for users, where you are only shown content you may agree to. This can limit your worldview and results, skewing your perspective to only see one type of result. Many people find they can’t get a well-rounded opinion on a topic as a result of this, which could be disadvantageous when using Google to research certain topics.

However, regardless of these disadvantages of Google, the company still has a huge lead over its nearest competitors. While it did once have a 98% market share, the 92% it holds currently sets it apart from Bing and Yahoo by a long way.

What Are Your Thoughts on Google?

We’ll be back again soon with part two of our discussion on search engines. Here we’ll share some alternatives to Google, which may help you to overcome some of the drawbacks we shared above when searching the internet.

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