Backup and Disaster Recovery: Essential to the Security of Your Business

Every business knows the importance of backup and disaster recovery. But what do they really do to prepare for the event of a possible disaster or shutdown of their business?

Will files be safe from theft and damage in such a situation? How will you protect your customers from compromising their vital information? Here are a few ways you can keep information safe in the event of a disaster:

Have an Emergency Disaster Plan

 This is the most obvious thing that needs to be done and to have in place, to prepare for a possible disaster. But amazingly, it is a detail many SMB businesses leave out. While they may have a general idea as to what they will do in the event of a disaster, they have no specific plan for recovery and backup that will be sufficient to retrieve vital information in the event of a shutdown or disaster.

Consider Cloud Storage for Secure Backups

 One of the best things you can do is to store critical data on a server that can not be infiltrated by hackers or damaged in the physical world. By employing the use of cloud storage devices and drives, your data will be safe, even if the physical building in which your business resides is damaged or destroyed.

Designate Specific People for Certain Recovery Jobs

 By planning ahead for possible problems, and designating specific staff members for specific tasks, you can rest assured that people will know what to do in the event a crisis occurs. Just as people have a plan in place for their homes in the event of a fire or earthquake, there should be a similar plan in place for businesses in the event of such a disaster.

Consider Down Time and Plan Accordingly

 While you do not know how much down time will occur in the event of a shutdown of your business, it is important to consider the amount of manpower and money that will be lost or wasted due to the down time of your business during this critical time. Have a financial reserve in place to accommodate this, in case this occurs.

Get Advice from Experts

 The best way to make sure that you have what you need in place is to solicit the help of security experts who deal with backup and disaster recovery on a regular basis. They can help you put a disaster recovery plan in place, so that you will know your data and your business will be secure, in the event of a disaster.

In the end, what you should do is to assess. Assess the potential for a disaster in your area.

  • Do you live in a hurricane area?
  • Do earthquakes occur often in your location?
  • Are there risks in your specific corner of the world that put your business at risk?

There is risk enough in the world no matter where you are. But it is important to assess your particular risk and then decide what steps you should take to keep your business safe.

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