Backup and Disaster Recovery for the Very Small Business is Just as Important as Big Businesses

Backup and disaster recovery systems were once only available to larger companies that had deeper pockets to pay for it.

In more recent years, however, these services have been made more available to the small business while maintaining reasonable prices and the same security features. But what about the very small business, as in a home office?

Here at 4 Corner IT, we understand the potentials of things going wrong in your home office, no matter that your database is smaller and simpler. We offer superior backup and disaster recovery services in these cases that can assure your information is secure and easily available again when you need it.

Regardless, you might wonder what could potentially go wrong in your home office when you already have an in-house backup system and no company-sized big data.

The Failures of In-House Security

While some commercially available backup systems might be mostly reliable, there’s always a chance they might fail. Even well-known backup tools have had stories of having meltdowns and losing data when it was needed, despite saving data in real time. Home offices that invest in these aren’t aware of how powerful cloud-based systems have become in assuring data is always there when it’s necessary.

As well, the cloud has become affordable for the small business. That’s because what you pay is based on how much data you have. You can pay that price and still expect to have your data backed up in real time as you create it. This way, when a disaster occurs, it’s retrievable in short order so you don’t wait weeks to gain it back. You can’t say that about other backup companies who used to use tape to save business data.

4 Corner IT offers the cloud and its ability to keep your data both safe and quickly accessible when disaster happens. And what kind of disaster could happen to a small, home office? Those who work from home may not stop and ponder the realities.

The Emerging Threat of Natural Disasters on Small Businesses

There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t hear about a natural disaster occurring somewhere in the United States or abroad. These increasing threats also threaten businesses more than ever. Unfortunately, far too many of those businesses don’t look into well-planned backup and disaster recovery systems.

Those who have their office at home might assume they’re better off having everything consolidated. They don’t stop and realize that when a disaster strikes their home, the home office is also affected.

You can be sure we’ll have everything backed up for you in the event this happens. Our backup systems also include sending your phone systems to the cloud so everything you had that made your office function can be restored to you during the worst of times.

Contact us so we can tell you more about what we offer in backup and disaster recovery. At 4 Corner IT, we have the small business in mind so you can maintain peace of mind within a disaster-plagued world.

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