Top Benefits of VoIP and Office 365: Implementing a VoIP Phone System with Office 365

If you haven’t already made the switch, now may be the perfect time. A hosted VoIP Phone System for Office 365 can truly enhance your customer experience; providing your staff with the tools they need for highly efficient, streamlined customer service.

The power of Hosted VoIP coupled with Microsoft’s Skype for Business system will allow for even more flexibility in not only external, but also internal business communications.

Office 365’s Skype for Business offers a universal platform for instant messaging, video conferencing, voice communications, Exchange email, and a wide array of other Office 365 applications.

Top Benefits of VoIP for Office 365

  • The Office Experience Anywhere:¬†Whether at the office, home, or overseas Skype and hosted VoIP allows staff to use Office features from virtually any location. Features like HD Video Conferencing can bring staff together no matter their location using their desktop, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices.
  • Cost Effective Implementation: In most cases, you do not have to upgrade your current office equipment to begin using all of the features Hosted VoIP and Microsoft Office 365 have to offer. Hosted VoIP allows you to use your current office equipment, seriously decreasing start-up costs.
  • Mobility: By enabling VoIP on handheld devices, all the features provided by your office’s hosted VoIP services will be available for use.
  • Flexibility: Hosted VoIP services and integrated Office 365 services are completely scalable. So whether your company is experiencing a growth spurt or is in need of a scale-back; your provider can make the necessary changes to your account quickly and easily without service disruption.
  • Customized Service: Your subscription to Office 365 app features is completely customizable; therefore, you can take advantage of apps whenever they are needed simply by changing and adjusting available features with your provider.

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