Best Time to Send a Mass Email: Capturing an Audience and Assuring Security

What's the best time to send a mass email?

Have you ever wondered what’s the best time to send a mass email?

If you’re a company just getting started and need to send out mass emails to promote yourself to customers who opt in, it can be a challenge to determine when those emails are most apt to be read. That’s especially true if you’re sending these emails internationally as part of a global reach. In that regard, you may have an even bigger dilemma in reaching people in different time zones.

What does some of the evidence in the online world say is the best time? And what can you do to assure your customers that the email you’re sending isn’t spam or a phishing scam so it doesn’t get automatically deleted?

Is the Lunch Hour the Best Time of the Day?

Some evidence suggests sending a mass email during the lunch hour is the best time, because people are more apt to be reading email during this time of the day. Despite that, contradictions seem to exist on what day of the week mass emails should be sent. While it seems that people read their emails on Monday mornings, click-throughs are more apt to happen later in the week or even weekends when people have more time to read emails carefully.

Much of the above, though, seems to deal with outside factors like what kind of people you’re sending to, and even where they live. If you’re catering to a foreign audience, then you’ll have to send your emails at odd times in your own time zone to accommodate the time zones overseas. It could mean getting up in the middle of the night your time to accommodate your foreign markets.

Capturing everyone at the best time will be much trickier. Trying to capture as many time zones as possible in the daylight hours will obviously be to your best advantage. Even if the email arrives in the early a.m. hours for some time zones, it might be read first by the customer because it’s likely to be their top email in their inbox.

Avoiding Misunderstandings of Spam or Phishing

The worst nightmare of a mass email campaign is having a subject line that’s perhaps misconstrued as spam or a phishing scam. With so many people and businesses being duped by legitimate-looking emails, you can understand why the scrutiny is more intense now. That’s why you should always send your email with the name of your company in the subject line so people can readily identify you. If they don’t recognize your name, it gives them a chance to Google your company to see if you’re real.

Also, send your mass email from an address that looks familiar. An email address that sounds offbeat might set off alarms it’s some kind of phishing scam an employee will instantly delete.

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