choosing the right backup and disaster recovery service for your business needs

Backup and disaster recovery planning is essential for ensuring that businesses can still operate after significant disruptions like blackouts, storms or other problems.

Without proper preparation, millions of dollars can be lost and loads of headaches while attempting recovery. Business continuity plans are often drawn up as a precaution, which work as a road map to businesses for responding to different types of issues.

Identifying important assets like corporate data, manufacturing facilities and technology infrastructure is a vital first step. Next is figuring out how these important assets will be protected in the event of downtime.

Importance of Backing up Data Offsite

Businesses should have their data backed up offsite and have access to it anytime for recovery. The perfect way to do this is to have online backup where the business can back their data up each night and store it away from their business location.

Using Online Recovery Services

Online cloud platforms are perfect for providing backup and disaster recovery. There is only a small share of resources needed by the cloud-based disaster recovery service under normal operating conditions to synchronize state from the business location to the cloud. In most cases, the entire amount of resources needed for running the application only needs to be paid for in the event of an actual disaster.

Using automated online services for disaster recovery means that extra resources can be brought online quickly when there is actual detection of a disaster. This reduces recovery time dramatically after a disaster which is fundamental to business continuity.

How to Choose Backup and Recovery Services

When looking for back up and disaster recovery services, its best to look for one that offers solutions that will copy your server environment to the data center, the Cloud or move your phone systems and servers to the Cloud without losing continuity or functionality.

There is no telling when disaster can strike, and being prepared is key. Your business needs will govern which cloud back up and disaster recovery service you go with. If your company has critical applications that need to be available immediately following downtime, a cloud-based disaster recovery service is what is needed.

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