Why Cloud Services are a Good Long Term Investment for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Typically new technological advancements and innovations are more expensive than the older technology. In terms of backup and disaster recovery, however, the opposite is true.

There are numerous cloud backup plans that are designed to accommodate any business, no matter what their price range is or what kind of technological resources they have.

In addition, the old data backup method of using hardware is expensive because it’s not scalable like cloud backup. If a company uses hardware to back up its data, the only way to upgrade and have access to more data is to purchase more hardware. Hardware is expensive and it doesn’t get any cheaper as businesses buy more and more of it.

recent Channel Web article discusses the differences between old and new data backup methods. According to the article, virtualised systems are cheaper because they are scalable and do not require physical space.

“Virtualised systems are also often cheaper, partly because companies do not have to invest in their own physical space and hardware to store data. They can simply rent cheaper space in someone else’s cloud.”

When backing up data with hardware, there are no special trade in deals that brings the cost of your investment down over time. Purchasing hardware remains expensive and there are no breaks along the way.

Cloud services, on the other hand, are scalable. This means that when a firm wants to back up more data, a company representative just needs to get in touch with the cloud service provider and discuss changing their plan.

This process is simple so that even with short notice, businesses can back up their data relatively soon. Cloud service providers also price their plans accordingly so that businesses can continue to afford their services. This important distinction between cloud backup and old data back up method saves businesses money over a long period of time.

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