computer services miami

Business technology is more powerful and useful than ever before. But let’s face it: Your technology should be following your business goals, working for you in order to enhance what you do, not demanding all of your time and energy or leaving you scratching your head and wringing your hands. If you’re looking for computer services in Miami, 4 Corner IT can help.

Whether you need on-site servicing and emergency repair for your office computers or hardware installations, we have the knowledge and the ability to get your IT infrastructure where it needs to be. Our assistance doesn’t stop there, however. We’re also available to meet with you face to face to discuss your business strategies and to consult with you on how to make your technology a greater asset in achieving your goals. Do you have an employee who doesn’t understand how to use the computer programs that your company uses? Relax and let us help them.

Are you needing to make your technology more mobile to accommodate multiple office locations or remote staff? Office 365 puts the commonly used Microsoft tools such as Excel, Sharepoint, Powerpoint, Word, and Lync into one cloud-based program that gives your you and your employees the ability to collaborate wherever you choose to work, and whenever that work needs to be done. It also provides us with the ability to offer you further assistance with remote troubleshooting and repair.

For those who wish to have ongoing IT security and management, we provide our services for a single, flat-rate fee. For those who simply need fast and efficient computer repair services, we can provide an hourly rate. If you’re ready to find out why 4 Corner IT is the strongest IT company in the region and what we can do for you, contact us today.

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