Is Your Outdated IT in Fort Lauderdale Driving Customers Away?
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When running a small or medium sized business, you may be comfortable doing things the way you’re accustomed to.  If your IT infrastructure is a bit outdated, maybe you see no problem with that, as long as your business keeps functioning well.

However, letting yourself become outdated not only hurts your efficiency and your ability to recover from tech-related disaster; it also affects your customers’ or clients’ perceptions of who you are and whether or not they want to do business with you.

When Microsoft recently conducted a survey among hundreds of consumers, they found that 91% see outdated technology as a reason to turn away from a particular business.  Customers need the reassurance that your business is being served by the most up-to-date IT solutions.

What are some of the conclusions potential customers and clients may reach about a business operating with outdated technology?

  • Their data won’t be secure.  The business will be vulnerable to cyber-crime and the loss of sensitive personal information, including credit card info, home addresses, and Social Security numbers.
  • The business isn’t making it convenient for them to conduct transactions.  For example, if a business hasn’t adapted its online presence to mobile devices, customers could be more likely to disengage with it.  If they have trouble easily purchasing a product or making an appointment on the web, they’ll turn to another business that gives them greater Internet convenience.
  • The business is run in a lazy fashion.  If it can’t bother to invest in its tech, then maybe it’s cutting corners in other ways.  In any case, customers will generally prefer businesses that don’t seem tired and outmoded.

If you live in or around Fort Lauderdale, get IT support from local experts who can help you make sure your business is up-to-date using cost-effective and efficient solutions that will make you more attractive to consumers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your concerns and have your IT needs met.

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