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Questions to Ask When Outsourcing IT Support

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Just about every business needs IT support to operate smoothly and efficiently. While some businesses opt to have an entire IT department on site, many choose to outsource IT support to receive the same quality services at a lower cost. If you’re thinking about outsourcing IT support, here are two questions you should ask service providers. Do you have experience serving businesses in my industry? Technology needs for businesses differ from

How Managed Services for Medical Practices Differ From That of Businesses

managed services for medical practices

Managed service providers are an increasingly common and sought after amenity for businesses, as they specialize in all things IT. Companies often utilize managed services so they can put more focus into their services, rather than being blindsided by servers crashing, hardware and software malfunctioning, or their website going down. While these should all be of concern to any practical business, medical practices often require a more specific and specialized

The Many Ways a Good IT Support Managed Services Provider Has Your Business Covered

it support managed services

According to recent IT news; In 2015, hiring managers are looking for workers with very specific skill sets. Some of these include: – 41% looking for help desk/IT support – 24% looking for security specialists – 22% looking for general IT – 17% looking for cloud computing pros – 16% looking for network administrators, and – 15% looking for help with networking However, though the demand for qualified workers is

Choosing Computer Management Services to Avoid Dealing with IT Issues Yourself

Computer Managed Services You might be a company that’s avoided computer managed services in the last year because you normally handle IT issues yourself, or through an in-house tech team. But an IT issue might have developed recently, and you realized just how much time it takes dealing with IT issues. Even if you rely on your IT tech team in fixing problems, you still had to take time to

What Managed Services Have to Say about Anti-Virus and Malware Protection

Is It worth It to Invest in Anti-Virus and Malware Protection? You may be surprised to hear it, but many businesses still struggle with viruses and malware. A lot of focus has recently been shifted over to cyber crime, particularly because of the development of the cloud. But the reality is that many businesses still haven’t secured their equipment to protect against viruses that have been around for years. Of

Managed Services for IT: Eliminating Old IT Approaches in Favor of Proactive Solutions

Managed Services for IT

Utilizing managed services for IT may have crossed your mind lately as you continually face the problems of other IT teams who you rely on to fix technical issues. In-house teams, especially, can be a major dilemma for companies. It makes it more challenging when you’ve had that in-house team on your payroll for years and probably treat those people like family. But then, you’re likely having numerous headaches due

Managed services: Supporting you and your business breakthrough

Pursuit of Happiness

According to a recent article from Forbes, the anatomy of a business breakthrough can be defined in three simple steps: intention, peeling off the layers of the known, and getting inspiration from outside sources. The article offers, as an example, Jack Andraka — a 15 year old who created a faster, more accurate test for pancreatic cancer. Jack’s intention came from a personal tragedy. His uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic

Why You Should Focus on Support When Choosing a Backup and Disaster Recovery Service Provider

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Nowadays there are several cloud computing service providers that offer the service of backup and disaster recovery. With so many different providers to choose from, oftentimes businesses are not sure which one to pick. Some factors, such as location and price, are intuitive and self-explanatory, while other factors, such as slight differences in plans and technology, require more research. Is a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan worth It? One factor that

Turning Technological Inefficiency into Efficiency with Managed IT Services


To small businesses that are faced with a tight budget, managed IT services may seem like an unnecessary expense. Yet the reality is that many small businesses that make this decision are unknowingly choosing inefficiency, especially with their technology infrastructure. While businesses think they’re saving money by using their old hardware, they’re actually losing money every day because of a lack of efficiency. Many businesses that have an outdated technology infrastructure are

Is your outdated IT in Fort Lauderdale driving customers away? 4 Corner IT can help!

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When running a small or medium sized business, you may be comfortable doing things the way you’re accustomed to.  If your IT infrastructure is a bit outdated, maybe you see no problem with that, as long as your business keeps functioning well. However, letting yourself become outdated not only hurts your efficiency and your ability to recover from tech-related disaster; it also affects your customers’ or clients’ perceptions of who

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