How to Disable and Delete Startup Programs in Windows

how to delete startup programs

Congratulations! You’ve bought a brand-new Windows computer…but there’s just one problem: you have a bevy of annoying startup programs that you have no use for, and you want to delete without causing a problem. Did you know, all of these automatically opening programs consume system memory, and can drag down performance.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to delete startup programs in Windows:

Bear in mind that the more software you install on your computer, the longer it will take for your computer to load up. This is true no matter how small the program is (in terms of kilo/megabytes), or how little space it takes up on your hard drive.

It’s presumed, at this point, that you’re using Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 (the most updated version of Windows). The beauty part of these updated platforms is, they’ve made it VERY easy to disable, and delete, startup programs that you don’t need.

Presuming you have this updated platform, all you have to do to disable, and delete, unnecessary startup programs is to open up the TASK MANAGER. This is done by either right-clicking on the task bar, or by pressing CTL + ESC + SHIFT keys. This will bring up a dialogue box called TASK MANAGER. Once inside the TASK MANAGER, click on the tab marked STARTUP, then disable the unnecessary programs. To delete the program altogether, go to the CONTROL PANEL, click on ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS, and remove the unnecessary programs.

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