Managed Services for IT: Eliminating Old IT Approaches in Favor of Proactive Solutions
Managed Services for IT

Utilizing managed services for IT may have crossed your mind lately as you continually face the problems of other IT teams who you rely on to fix technical issues. In-house teams, especially, can be a major dilemma for companies.

It makes it more challenging when you’ve had that in-house team on your payroll for years and probably treat those people like family. But then, you’re likely having numerous headaches due to their response in fixing things properly.

You also have the issue of outside IT teams that only fix things when they happen.

What kind of issues will you be dealing with here that could be made so much easier if you hired an IT support and management service?

In-House IT Team Knowledge

Yes, knowledge is the key here in how IT issues get properly fixed. Because your IT team has been with you for possibly a decade or more, they have no field experience of what’s really going on in the real world of technology. While they may know basically from reading, first-hand experience working with it is a different story.

When all they know is your own systems, there could be a new technical problem developing they don’t understand how to fully fix. It’s possible they may fix it temporarily, then the same problems keep occurring afterward. After the same issue keeps recurring, you must know that your in-house team isn’t quite up to what they were when you first hired them.

However, be careful if you end up going to an outside IT company that charges one-time fees for a service.

Services Charges by Other Vendors

Many IT companies that don’t provide managed services will simply scalp you by fixing one problem and charging you a fortune to do it. Despite these teams having field experience, why hire someone that charges so much when you can hire a company that manages your systems all the time and gives you 24/7 support besides?

Here at 4 Corner IT, our managed services and IT support provides affordable rates so you can have an affordable plan and still gain the benefits of solving tech issues. That’s because we use proactive solutions to help prevent any problems from developing in the first place. Prevention is going to be the key to preventing any kind of IT issues, and it’s a smarter and different approach to how it works with other IT teams.

At the same time, you get tiered support plans from us that can go from basic on up to managing all your technology products throughout your company. This works for both the small and large business, so never get into the mindset that IT problems can’t happen to you. Without proper management of IT, anything can happen, including vulnerabilities in lack of security.

Contact us here at 4 Corner IT so we can tell you more about our IT support and management services. Let’s get started taking care of things early before they create any severe downtime.

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