In the Market for a Managed Services Provider to Support Your Business Computer Network?

If your business is growing faster than your local IT infrastructure can reliably accommodate it, you may be in the market for a managed services provider.

It’s not so much a matter of logistics and expertise. It’s more about economical access to an extremely rich and eclectic mix of ready-to-use software, platforms and support services. Knowing what to use and how to use it requires the discerning judgment of a provider whose real-world and big-picture experience makes the whole of the service somewhat more than the sum of its parts.

That all may sound somewhat nebulous, but connecting the dots is what turns experience into competence.

Speaking of Nebulous

The word nebulous, by the way, means indistinct or hazy and its root comes from the Latin word for cloud. The more modern connotation of the word cloud as regards IT managed services, is anything but hazy, and the cloud has taken enterprise IT by storm — pun intended.

This brings us back to how the cloud has been the quiet revolution that has totally leveled the playing field on line, especially for small businesses willing to outsource the IT support they need to grow and stay competitive.

What’s Out There For You

In a word: everything. In a phrase: everything from disaster protection to ready-to-use and cleverly robust customer resource management software.

Disaster recovery means state-of-the-art backup and instant recovery that guarantees your data survival when the clouds open and flood your servers. Scalable, use what you need and pay for what you use, enterprise applications slim down the “bloatware” and flatten the user learning curve.

And It’s On the Cloud

The good news is that it’s all out there and ready. The scary part is the decision to let go of your infrastructure and release your precious data to the custody and care of others.

The better news is that the cloud is maturing and well protected. You can choose to go totally or partially to cloud services — actually, if you subscribe to any off-premises web service, you’ll already a charter member of the hybrid cloud.

And the best news is that we at 4 Corner IT can help you elevate and customize your IT management. We’ve been doing that for years.

Contact us and see how our managed IT services can be a great fit for your business or organization.

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