Marriott Breach Affects Millions

The Marriott International breach has had its online reservation system hacked and only now are we learning the true extent of the damage it has caused for consumers who have put their information into this database. First estimates state that over 500,000 million customers have had their names put into the data system. Other sensitive information has also been put into the system including their telephone numbers, addresses, credit card numbers, and their preferred guest account information.

Marriott International is now advising all customers to follow the following steps to help protect their information after their system was infiltrated:

  1. Customers need to set new passwords on their accounts. 21% of Marriott International guests are using a password that is at least 10 years old and 50% have a password that is at least 5 years old. Change your password every 30 to 180 days for the maximum protection available.
  2. Use a safe, appropriate network with secure locations where their information is less likely to get hacked than if they just connect from any remote location. 
  3. Implement an appropriate system that will help you implement a backup a plan and disaster recovery plan. Customers need to have a plan in place in case the user’s data was affected by the attack with the intent of being used for ransom. 

These are the 3 key steps that Marriott International is asking customers to take to help protect their data in the future in case another attack were to happen. Changing passwords now can also prevent the hackers from being able to access that information again to use it for malicious intent in the future.

Creating a Safer Business Atmosphere

The Small Business Administration estimates that about 45% of businesses who lose data vital to their operations never fully recover from that loss. As technologies improve, this number will only increase. It’s vital that businesses begin protecting themselves today to avoid the pain of the loss tomorrow. We now live in a generation where you can’t trust that your data is simply “safe as it is”. There is more cybercriminal activity than ever before and more people that would do your information harm if they got the opportunity to do so.

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