How Much Does Business Downtime Cost?

If IT support isn’t available round the clock, then you can barely call it support. Because of the nature of IT problems, responding to a situation a day or two later just isn’t good enough. Businesses have to move along with their operations and they can only do so if they receive IT support immediately.24-7-support

A report by Emerson Network Power found information regarding the costs of business downtime. The report states that the average cost of data center downtime is now $7,908 per minute, up from $5,617 in 2010. In addition, the report lists the most common and costly reasons for data center downtime:

  • IT equipment failure
  • Cyber crime
  • UPS system failure
  • Water incursion
  • Generator failure
  • Inclement weather
  • Accidental human error

Chances are that if you own a small business, you don’t have your own data center. Many businesses now use hosted cloud computing services so they don’t have to purchase and manage their own data center.

But that doesn’t mean that the downtime cost doesn’t apply to small businesses. Data center downtime has considerable effect on small businesses and should be kept as low as possible.

This is exactly why it’s so important for IT support companies to be available all of the time. Each minute or hour of business downtime is so costly. If they wait till the next day to respond, thousands of dollars will already have gone down the drain.

At 4 Corner IT, we offer hourly support to assist businesses with immediate service. We understand that you want to resume business operations as soon as possible, and it’s our goal to make this a reality. We cover a variety of issues, such as:

  • Server repair
  • Network outages
  • Network down
  • General network support
  • Network lag
  • Recurring issues
  • Failure to complete on-going project, or costly delays

If you would like more information about IT support, contact us.

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