IT Consulting in South Florida: Why Migration is the Hardest Aspect of Office 365

IT Consulting in South Florida

An important aspect of IT consulting is incorporating new programs and applications in your operations. Office 365 has been great so far in terms of increasing business productivity. It seems like the biggest problem businesses have had so far is migrating to the cloud. Once that’s set up, they have no trouble at all as far as adjusting to the hosted applications goes. According to this article, migrating to Office

How Much Does Business Downtime Cost?

If IT support isn’t available round the clock, then you can barely call it support. Because of the nature of IT problems, responding to a situation a day or two later just isn’t good enough. Businesses have to move along with their operations and they can only do so if they receive IT support immediately. A report by Emerson Network Power found information regarding the costs of business downtime. The