Basic Features of VoIP Phone Services: Adding New Phone Lines and Numbers

The world’s workforce is getting increasingly more mobile. This can leave businesses looking for a highly accessible and affordable solution to help them get the job done. Here’s the solution: Office 365 with VoIP integration. And here’s why.

* Office 365 with VoIP integration combines Microsoft technologies and applications for a single, complete cloud-based solution created to help businesses communicate with each other and with their clients.

* Businesses can now access a 24/7 work environment from where ever they are and with whatever device they happen to be using for consistent work flow.

* Available through Office 365 and VoIP is Microsoft Skype for Business, which provides instant messaging, Face Time, and standard phone service. Other collaborative tools provided through Office 365 VoIP include Office Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

* Office 365 VoIP users have the benefit of scalable solutions. Pay for the solutions that your company needs, not the “package” that someone else thinks a company “like yours” needs.

* The Office 365 VoIP service provides enterprise-class security, privacy and reliability at a price that small to medium sized businesses can afford.


* Get managed services from a provider who understands that VoIP can strengthen your company through integration, but only if that integration is done properly.

* Office 365 VoIP can help you expand your business hours and provides credibility with your customers, as your ability to communicate with them and the ways in which you can do that are greatly enhanced.

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