Office 365 with VoIP integration: Affordable and mobile

Basic Features of VoIP Phone Services: Adding New Phone Lines and Numbers

The world’s workforce is getting increasingly more mobile. This can leave businesses looking for a highly accessible and affordable solution to help them get the job done. Here’s the solution: Office 365 with VoIP integration. And here’s why.

* Office 365 with VoIP integration combines Microsoft technologies and applications for a single, complete cloud-based solution created to help businesses communicate with each other and with their clients.

* Businesses can now access a 24/7 work environment from where ever they are and with whatever device they happen to be using for consistent work flow.

* Available through Office 365 and VoIP is Microsoft Skype for Business, which provides instant messaging, Face Time, and standard phone service. Other collaborative tools provided through Office 365 VoIP include Office Online, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

* Office 365 VoIP users have the benefit of scalable solutions. Pay for the solutions that your company needs, not the “package” that someone else thinks a company “like yours” needs.

* The Office 365 VoIP service provides enterprise-class security, privacy and reliability at a price that small to medium sized businesses can afford.


* Get managed services from a provider who understands that VoIP can strengthen your company through integration, but only if that integration is done properly.

* Office 365 VoIP can help you expand your business hours and provides credibility with your customers, as your ability to communicate with them and the ways in which you can do that are greatly enhanced.

4 Corners IT understands that there is more to your business than just its technology. We want to help you make the most effective use of technology in order to reach a higher level of success. For more information, contact us.

How Important is CRM Integration?

How Important is CRM Integration?

When you operate a business, building and maintaining a relationship with your clientele is crucial. In today’s business environment, the key to success is forging long-term relationships.

It is becoming more and more difficult for a company to differentiate by the product or services provided, and therefore, a company’s main differentiating factor must focus on customer support, and the customer experience.

CRM is the best and most efficient way for a company to realize and understand the potential of their existing and hopeful customers.

Consistently tracking, organizing, and maintaining customer information, ensures that you are up-to-date with the current and future needs of your clients. Customer relationship management is also very important when determining your companies future plans and product road map.

So, what exactly is CRM integration?

IT brings together your website and CRM to function together seamlessly. While your CRM maintains customer information and leads through manual entries, CRM integration allows you to obtain new leads from your website in real-time for a sales-lead to easily follow-up with. For obtaining new customers, and understanding what their intentions are so you can better serve their needs, this is huge.

For a business to achieve success, CRM integration is crucial. When you are able to manage your customers, prospects, and opportunities in one place for the entire organization to see, the results are invaluable.

Do you have any questions about CRM integration, or would you like to learn more?

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CRM Integration: Developing a Relationship With Customers

CRM Integration: Developing a Relationship With Customers

Some IT companies take your computer needs and can make software applications dance like magic in front of your eyes; they almost make you forget that their service is not tailored to your field of business, and not to you.

At 4 Corner IT, you are an individual and your IT answers are fitted to your personal needs. Like our website states: “there are so many different kinds of technological devices that it can be hard to pick what will be best for your employees. Have no fear, we are here to help.”

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is shorthand for the digital relationship that we at 4 Corner IT develops with you, and that you in turn have with your customers.

Say that you are a starter company with a really great new widget to sell. We will evaluate your needs. You are not just a clump of data to us; you are a group of people trying for the same goal, selling the best widget possible.

The size of your company does not matter, your goals do. All businesses can gain an advantage with CRM Integration regardless of size and small businesses can have an edge that will prove priceless in day-to-day operations.

“In fact, smaller businesses need to be more organized because of their size as every customer is almost irreplaceable, unlike larger companies that make up profits in huge volume.”

We examine the tools you need to get your widget on the public stage of the cloud and then help you stay at a maximum state of success. Phrased succinctly,

“A CRM helps you and your company manage your customers, your prospects and your sales. CRMs can be either web-based or stand-alone systems and can keep track of people, their relationships to you, whom they work for, what they’re doing, what they’re thinking about buying and how often they contact you, among an incredible number of other options.”

Today’s businesses cannot compete without a good CRM integration partner, such as 4 Corner IT. We want to work to keep your product or service on top of and ahead of your competitors’ inferior widget.

Get in touch with us and we will show you how CRM planning can handle the technological and data security aspect of your business, and let you make the best widgets of all time!