Office 365 with VoIP integration: Affordable and mobile


The world’s workforce is getting increasingly more mobile. This can leave businesses looking for a highly accessible and affordable solution to help them get the job done. Here’s the solution: Office 365 with VoIP integration. And here’s why. * Office 365 with VoIP integration combines Microsoft technologies and applications for a single, complete cloud-based solution created to help businesses communicate with each other and with their clients. * Businesses can

How Important is CRM Integration?

customer relationship management

When you operate a business, building and maintaining a relationship with your clientele is crucial. In today’s business environment, the key to success is forging long-term relationships. It is becoming more and more difficult for a company to differentiate by the product or services provided, and therefore, a company’s main differentiating factor must focus on customer support, and the customer experience. CRM is the best and most efficient way for

CRM Integration: Developing a Relationship With Customers


Some IT companies take your computer needs and can make software applications dance like magic in front of your eyes; they almost make you forget that their service is not tailored to your field of business, and not to you. At 4 Corner IT, you are an individual and your IT answers are fitted to your personal needs. Like our website states: “there are so many different kinds of technological