computer tip of the day spotting brand new phishing pages made easier

Spotting Brand New Phishing Pages Made Easier: There is always a lot of buzz about machine learning and artificial intelligence and in this case it’s been put to good use in order to protect browser users.  Google will soon use a new predictive feature in its Safe Browsing technology to warn users when they visit a questionable site that asks for their credentials.

Prevention First

In the past, the only way for companies like Google to stamp out phishing sites was after a number of people had already been scammed.  Using their new predictive technology will give companies like Google, an additional edge to stamp out phishing sites beforethey do their damage.  Initially, Google will only protect an individual’s Google account password, however eventually their predictive technology will protect all the passwords listed in a user’s Chrome password manager.  Beyond that, the technology will be made available to others that use Google’s Safe Browsing technology including the Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers, Snapchat and other apps.

Need More Security?

For those that need additional security, Google is also rolling out their Advanced Protection Program, in which users may choose to enroll.  This advanced security program uses small wireless or USB devices (security keys), in addition to digital signature and public-key cryptography to protect a user from security threats.  Some of the additional features of this program put barriers in place to avoid the situation where a user shares sensitive data by accident, and it also blocks against hackers who fraudulently try to access a user’s account.

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