computer tip of the day how secure are your passwords

One of the most common methods for protecting someone’s online account and authenticating the person who is using the account is secure passwords.

secure passwords

If you have noticed that there have been multiple failed sign-ins on any of your accounts, it could be because someone has compromised your accounts. There is also a chance that one of your accounts may be compromised if you use the same password on all of your accounts.

If any of your passwords have been compromised, the data that you access with your passwords can also be compromised. When you ever believe that someone has accessed one or more of your accounts, you should change your passwords as soon as possible. When you create a password, you should make sure the password is unique. You want to avoid choosing a password that anyone can guess easily.

When your password is complex, you will have created a simple method of identifying yourself. Your complex password will only be something that you know. Your password will be something like a secret that you have only shared with the computer or network you are using to access your information.

In order to ensure that everyone in your office is using complex passwords, you can enforce rules that will require everyone to use complex passwords. When you configure the complexity rules, your users will not be able to set a password until they have met all the requirements.

We understand that creating complex passwords may cause some users to write their passwords on paper or keep them in one of their mobile devices. These passwords can eventually be found if the papers are accidentally placed in the trash or if a device is stolen. We want you to avoid running into any of these complications.

Contact us today for more information on how you can make sure everyone in your office creates passwords that are difficult to hack while ensuring the passwords will not be seen by any unwanted eyes.

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