was your south florida business ready for hurricane irma ours was

It has been a few days since Hurricane Irma has passed through the South Florida area. While roughly half the state remains without power, our Fort Lauderdale office has been up and running since 8:00 AM Monday, operating on generator power with full internet connectivity.

In addition, our offices in New York and California as well as our teams in Arkansas, and Iowa continue to be fully engaged in our support services and ready to respond to anything you may need. Our Fort Lauderdale office has fuel for our on-site technicians to facilitate any on-sites that may be needed.

While our monitoring tools are reporting that a majority of our clients are online. Our teams have been working around the clock to personally communicate with each client in the affected area. We are asking that our Florida Clients who we have not been able to reach, please report the following to our support team:

  1. Does your office have power?
  2. Has your office received any structural damage?
  3. Is any of your IT equipment damaged?
  4. If you have power and it seems like your internet is down please let know. (We are monitoring your connection from the outside of your network)

Our engineers are continuing to assess our client’s networks as power is restored to their sites to verify full functionality. If you have power and can access your office, please contact our help desk so we can prioritize getting your site online.

Our support team can be contacted using the following methods

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 877.771.2384

If you have power and your internet service provider cannot get your office online WheelHouse IT may have a solution to get your office online with an LTE device. Please contact our support team for more information.

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