Sunrise Terminates Managed Services Contract with Alcatel-Lucent

Swiss mobile network, Sunrise Communications has terminated its seven year managed services contract with Alcatel-Lucent after just three years.

Sunrise issued a statement that dropped plenty of hints without stating outright why it terminated the contract, saying that for some months now it has been placing greater focus on improved customer satisfaction and quality for its services.

The company added that the prerequisite for this is a state-of-the-art network that optimally functions both during operation and maintenance. Sunrise aims at having the greatest possible flexibility in choosing its service partners in the future

Sunrise said that its future plans require ” innovative solutions, quick implementation and optimal operation of the entire network infrastructure”, which it presumably was not getting from Alcatel-Lucent, otherwise they would not have ended the contract.

The original contract, signed in June 2008 was valued at approximately EUR340 million (US$530 million) over 7 years, depending on the final scope of the project and included the transfer of 290 employees from Sunrise to Alcatel-Lucent.

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