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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I contact support?

 A: The fastest way to receive support service from 4 Corner IT is by submitting a ticket on our website or by email. You can also call in and select option #2 for a live team member who will assist you in creating a support ticket.
Toll Free: (877) 771-2384
Local: (954) 474-2204

Q: When e-mailing support or submitting a ticket, what information should I include?

A: In the subject line include a short description of the problem (i.e.: “computer virus”) and any further details in the message body.  Please do not include individual staff member email addresses in the “To”, “Cc” or “Bcc” fields, only

Q: I called support but no one was available, what should I do?

 A: While this will only happen during extremely busy instances, if no one is immediately available to take your call you can leave a message. Your ticket will be entered in the queue immediately if you submit a ticket via the website or email. Calling support repeatedly without leaving a message will not result in a faster response to your issue.

Q: How does calling support work?

 A: We are constantly working on implementing the quickest ways to resolve your issues so you can get back to work.  You will notice that when you call in and select option #2 for support a live team member will answer your call, assist you in creating a support ticket and even transfer you directly to a support technician if one is available.  If no support technician is available, your ticket will be submitted to our help desk queue and you will receive a call back as soon as someone is free, which is typically only a matter of minutes.  No more frustrating voicemails, wondering if and when someone will get back to you.
When you call outside of normal business hours, you will be given the option to leave a message which will be returned during normal business hours, or you can choose to be transferred to our Emergency Dispatch Center to create an emergency support ticket.  Please note that after-hours charges may apply.

Q: What are the normal business hours for support?

 A: Normal business hours are 9AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday.  After hours rates may apply to your support request, so please be sure that you are authorized by your company to contact us.

2016 Holiday Schedule

– New Year’s Day – January 1
– Memorial Day – May 30
– Independence Day – July 4
– Labor Day – September 5
– Thanksgiving – November 24 & 25
– Christmas Day – December 25

Q: How does support work during after-hours?

 A: If you call support via phone after-hours, you will be prompted with two options; (1) leave a message that will be returned during normal business hours or (2) be transferred to our Emergency Dispatch Center.

Q: How do I get remote support?

 A: You can locate our quick support client at You will receive an ID number and password that will be used by the technician working with you. Please keep this information on hand for the tech.