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Computer Tip: Learn How To Keep Your Outlook Inbox Clean

Outlook inbox

An Outlook inbox that is constantly full is frustrating, and can make it more difficult to notice important emails. How do you maintain your Outlook inbox without spending hours each day? Microsoft Outlook has a couple of built-in features that help you quickly and continually keep your inbox clutter-free. Folders Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to begin cleaning up your inbox is by using folders. This will help you separate each

Three Reasons You Should Backup Programs To An External Hard Drive

external hard drive

We have no doubt in our minds that you can backup programs to an external hard drive . You, on the other hand, might need a bit more convincing, so here are three reasons on why this is a good idea. Backing up files to an external hard drive. A simple way to back up files is to copy it to an external hard drive. Keep your device away from

To Boost Productivity, Have You Tried Automation Apps For Multitasking?

boost productivity

Companies regularly aim to boost productivity among employees. Employees themselves often look for ways to achieve more in a shorter amount of time, free up time for other activities, and avoid getting bogged down in costly errors and inefficiencies. There’s no shortage of articles advising people on how to become more productive. One strategy is to rely on automation apps for multitasking. Automation apps help employees handle a variety of

What’s The Key To Cloud Migration Success? Flexibility!

key to cloud migration

Cloud computing has exploded in popularity, with an increasing number of businesses turning to the cloud to meet their IT infrastructure needs. And the key to cloud migration is flexibility! When selected wisely, cloud services are cost-effective and reliable. They increase your ability to work productively and take on more complex tasks and larger stores of data. They can also help your business become more resilient to IT disasters. Making

IT Service Management Companies: Help Your Business Run More Efficiently

IT Service Management Companies

How efficient is your company? You probably have plenty of systems and procedures in place to maximize productivity but it’s possible that you are overlooking one vital aspect of managing a business: IT service management companies. Having strong IT service management in place can significantly increase efficiency and boost productivity. Let’s take a look at why that is. IT service management companies free up your time for bigger picture concerns Let’s

Backing Up Your Data: Analytics Help Manage Data Backup

backing up your data

Businesses amass huge amounts of data. It’s all important, but it’s not all of equal importance. Working documents are more important than cache files, and the ideal strategy for backing up your data recognizes that. If the disk drive fails, it’s the live documents that need to be up to the minute. Analytics help a business define a backup strategy with priorities that reflect its needs. Backing up your data

Office 365 for Business: 3 Reasons You’ll be So Happy You Switched

Office 365 for Business

With all the advances in technology, many companies are working with outdated tech solutions even though there are great platforms available to them that offer more than the legacy tools they’ve used for years. Have you thought about Office 365 for business? What they don’t realize is that, over time, support for these outdated systems will wane. Your organization will also lose its competitive edge. Lastly, your clients, partners and

Computer Security: Don’t Use The Same Password For Multiple Accounts

computer security

For the sake of convenience, many people like reusing the same password across multiple accounts. The password that gives them access to their email may also be the same one they rely on for social media, online banking, work-related tasks, or recreational activities. That is not smart computer security. What they sometimes don’t realize is that if any one of these accounts gets compromised in a data breach, hackers will

Cloud Computing for Business: The Many Benefits of Using Cloud Servers

cloud computing for business

A cloud server refers to a virtual server that runs on a cloud computing environment. This explains why cloud servers are commonly called virtual dedicated servers (VDS). Undoubtedly, there is plenty of buzz about cloud computing for business. If you’re interested in using cloud servers, here is some information about the benefits. Cloud Computing for Business One of the main advantages of using cloud servers is that you are free

Choosing Cloud Services: Are You Ready To Make The Right Decisions?

Choosing Cloud Services

An increasing number of businesses rely on cloud services for at least some of their computing needs. The Motley Fool recently compiled a thought-provoking list of cloud computing stats – among them an estimate that by 2019, we’ll see over twice as much spending on public cloud services than we did in 2015. Are you choosing cloud services for your business? Given the plethora of services, one of the challenges

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