Benefits of Using Cloud Servers

Cloud Computing

A cloud server refers to a virtual server that runs on a cloud computing environment. This explains why cloud servers are commonly called virtual dedicated servers (VDS). Undoubtedly, there is plenty of buzz about cloud servers. If you’re interested in using cloud servers, here is some information about the benefits. Benefits of Using Cloud Servers One of the main advantages of using cloud servers is that you are free to modify the

The Hype About Cloud Hosting

The Hype About Cloud Hosting

“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.” Robert Kennedy Let’s face it. Change can be hard. This is especially true when entire industries have to go through growing pains. Think about how frustrating it was when the home video industry changed up on Blockbuster. They had a nice, cozy place as a household name throughout America and several other countries. Then, wham!

The Truth About Cloud Computing

You may have heard plenty of hype surrounding cloud computing, but now it’s time to delve into the truth. A lot of the hype surrounding the cloud has to do with its future possibilities. Some experts are predicting the cloud to be used by virtually every consumer within the next few years. The logic being that even if they don’t have a personal cloud system, they’ll use a service that

How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Taking your business to the cloud is an easy and effective way to cut costs while increasing your efficiency. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. These solutions have made it possible for commercial organizations to go paperless, establish disaster relief plans, reduce their teams and simplify their operations among other things. What Cloud Computing Is Cloud computing allows companies to move various aspects of their operations to virtual space. Files,

5 Essential Questions to Ask About Cloud Servers


Cloud servers are an excellent option for housing data, increasing security, and having a backup system. They offer a sense of security should something happen to your regular database due to natural disaster, a security breach, other other issues. But what do you need in a solution for cloud based drives and servers? When looking for a solution for cloud servers, you need to consider these five factors before deciding what