The Truth About Cloud Computing

The Truth About Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

You may have heard plenty of hype surrounding cloud computing, but now it’s time to delve into the truth.

A lot of the hype surrounding the cloud has to do with its future possibilities. Some experts are predicting the cloud to be used by virtually every consumer within the next few years. The logic being that even if they don’t have a personal cloud system, they’ll use a service that uses the cloud to some extent.

We don’t worry ourselves too much with the outlandish predictions concerning cloud computing. Instead, we focus on the cloud’s role in business today.

The reality is that the cloud is helping thousands of small businesses with their daily operations. It levels the playing field by giving them access to the same features that large corporations enjoy.

With cloud computing, employees can access their business files from any device as long as it has Internet access. This is completely different from having to access files from an office computer. It frees up employees to work while they’re not in the office.

In addition, businesses don’t have to pay for data centers or security. Cloud computing service providers invest in these things and make the service available for hundreds of clients. This is called economies of scale, and it’s the reason why cloud computing is an affordable service even though the upfront costs for service providers are high.

So if you’re thinking about switching over to the cloud, don’t pay too much attention to 2020 predictions. Sure, it’s important to know that the cloud is expected to become even more popular and reliable. But all you really need to understand is how cloud computing will affect your business. If you’re looking to improve productivity, give your employees more opportunities to work, and secure your files, then cloud computing is the right solution for you.

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How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

How Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Taking your business to the cloud is an easy and effective way to cut costs while increasing your efficiency. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. These solutions have made it possible for commercial organizations to go paperless, establish disaster relief plans, reduce their teams and simplify their operations among other things.

Cloud Computing

What Cloud Computing Is

Cloud computing allows companies to move various aspects of their operations to virtual space. Files, programs and even entire desktops are stored in digital format where they can be accessed by approved system users from any computer or device that has a functional internet connection. This allows workers to telecommute, increases data security and prevents data loss as the result of technical malfunction or other expected events.

How Cloud Computing Can Save You Money

There are many ways in which cloud computing can save companies money.  If you are ready to make your business a paperless one, this is the best way to do it. Your files can be archived in virtual space. This will make them far more secure and much easier to manage. For most businesses, this eliminates the need to have a full-time file clerk on board. Companies can cut these positions or they can divert this talent to other vital areas of their operations. Cloud-based computing can also reduce the need for massive amounts of commercial space by eliminating the need for file cabinets and off-site storage for archived records.

Access To Innovative Software

There are a number of innovative, cloud-based programs that can help companies improve their efficiency and increase customer satisfaction levels. Software as a Service or SaaS solutions are taking the world by storm. They are increasing the efficacy of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaigns, allowing for greater levels of data integration and improving  knowledge sharing systems.

The major benefit of using solutions that are cloud-based is simply the fact that these services are so affordable. Large companies with greater needs can opt for managed services. Developing businesses can use services that are better tailored to their more modest needs and budgets. 

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5 Essential Questions to Ask About Cloud Servers

5 Essential Questions to Ask About Cloud Servers
The Hype About Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers are an excellent option for housing data, increasing security, and having a backup system. They offer a sense of security should something happen to your regular database due to natural disaster, a security breach, other other issues. But what do you need in a solution for cloud based drives and servers?

When looking for a solution for cloud servers, you need to consider these five factors before deciding what you should do:

Does It Cover Disaster Recovery Solutions?

In this day of so much daily hacking and security breaches, it is more important than ever that you prepare for the inevitable. No one wants to think about it, but if you had to reconstruct much of your data, if important data was lost, or compromised, how would you handle it?

The ideal cloud servers should all address this problem of how to recoup necessary files and information if the system was temporarily shut down due to a disaster and it should work in seamlessly with your disaster plan.

Does It Offer an Extra Layer of Security?

 The ideal cloud solution should offer an extra layer of security to protect you. The infiltration into millions of Target customers’ accounts just a few weeks ago is proof that more security is needed to protect your customers and your business from security disasters.

Does It Offer 24/7 Tech Support?

Technical support is important and you should have access to this on a regular basis. Does the company give you access to knowledgeable professionals when you need them, even in times of non-disaster situations?

Do They Specialize in Data Protection and Storage?

Protection of critical data is essential and storage is also important to you and to your customers. Make sure the solution has enough bandwidth and storage capability to house all your data.

Does It Fit the Needs of Your Business?

 Each business is different, so think about how your business fits in with your cloud solution server and consult with someone about what your business needs to get the most out of it.

We are experts in cloud server solutions and in protecting and storing your critical data when you need it most. We also have a deep understanding of the need for extra security. Go ahead and ask us the above questions and see what we say. You may be surprised at our answers!

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