IT Support Helps Keep Your Data Backups Safe By Removing Ransomware

IT Support Helps Keep Your Data Backups Safe By Removing Ransomware

Ransomware continues posing a serious threat to businesses. IT support can keep your business protected by removing ransomware. A recent article from The Atlantic presents estimates of the staggering losses companies sustain when this malware takes hold of their devices and blocks access to their data.

The FBI’s estimate is that between January to March of this year alone, ransomware led to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Keep in mind that this is a conservative figure, as many companies and individuals may not even report ransomware attacks to the authorities.

Along with the ransom payments that companies sometimes make to cyber criminals to regain access, other ransomware costs include reductions in productivity, missed sales opportunities, extended downtime, and losses in customer trust.

How can IT support professionals help? By removing ransomware and keeping your date safe. 

One of the key ways to minimize the impact of a ransomware attack is to have data backups available on a system that remains uninfected by the malware.

If your backups are intact, and you can retrieve and restore your data from them easily, you’ll be much less likely to suffer costly prolonged downtime. You’ll be able to restart your business operations more easily and continue meeting your own needs and customers’ demands.

IT support professionals can work with you by removing ransomware, ensuring that you have reliable copies of your data, and that they stay out of reach of malware. For example, one of the ways that ransomware can compromise your data backups is if you have all of them in an external drive that’s attached to a computing device when it gets infected. However, if you retain copies at another location, such as in the cloud, they’re more likely to stay safe.

Don’t underestimate the crippling damage you can suffer from ransomware attacks. Sometimes the losses are unsustainable.

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Why Should You Hire HIPAA Compliance Consultants?

Why Should You Hire HIPAA Compliance Consultants?
HIPAA compliance consultants
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Some of the most sensitive personal information involves our health and medical history.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) lays the groundwork for safeguarding health-related data by providing standards that companies need to meet.

If you work with any data of this kind – even as a subcontractor to another company – you must comply with HIPAA standards.

What can happen if you don’t follow HIPAA regulations?

Violating HIPAA standards can result in a range of financial penalties, including steep fines amounting to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The amount you pay depends on the number of violations, whether they’re repeat violations, how quickly you correct them, and whether or not they stem from a relatively innocent misunderstanding vs. more deliberate forms of neglect. In some situations, you may face the threat of a prison sentence.

It’s imperative to avoid HIPAA violations not just a spare yourself the legal penalties. HIPAA compliance also makes you more trustworthy to consumers and business partners. By protecting sensitive healthcare data, you reduce the chances of a costly data breach that can destroy your company’s reputation.

Hiring HIPAA compliance consultants

Consultants will guide you through all the necessary steps to making your business compliant. They can assist you with implementing every safeguard. These security measures include encrypted transmissions, restricted access privileges, safe data disposal methods, audit reports, and secure data storage and backups.

As discussed in a recent article from Beta News, verifying your company’s compliance involves multiple complex steps, including identifying your vulnerabilities and determining the risks of various security lapses. Consultants are invaluable throughout this process and with ensuring your continued compliance.

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IT Support News: Improving Productivity with Microsoft Office 365

IT Support News: Improving Productivity with Microsoft Office 365
One of the goals of high-quality IT support is to help employees make more productive use of technology. Improvements that increase efficiency and reduce distractions can potentially lead to greater profits and less waste in time and money. For starters, consider whether employees are taking advantage of all the helpful features in the software they rely on.

Sometimes, people don’t know about useful software settings or capabilities that make work tasks easier.

Here’s one example: New updates to Microsoft Office 365 will help people organize their work better, stay more focused, and ultimately save time.

What are some of these helpful features?

  • Employs can benefit from the ability to look up articles and other reference materials without having to leave Word. This makes research more easy, while reducing the chances of getting sucked into Internet distractions, such as scrolling through Twitter or checking email unnecessarily.
  • The reference materials uncovered during the search can get automatically formatted as citations, saving time when employees compile their lists of references.
  • Changes to Outlook can facilitate focused communication with the use of mentions.

With Office 365, Microsoft regularly looks for new ways to strengthen collaboration and communication. They aim to improve work performance through automating certain tasks and allowing users to personalize settings in ways that contribute to the specific tasks they need to perform and the style of writing and communicating they prefer.

IT support personnel can help guide your company choose the best software and ensure that you and your employees know about helpful features and understand how to work with them. The potential benefits include a higher quality of work and meaningful increases in productivity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance with optimizing your use of technology.

Network Cable Installation Question: When is it Time to Install New Cables?

Network Cable Installation Question: When is it Time to Install New Cables?
network cable installation

High-quality network cable installation helps ensure that your business runs smoothly and securely.

If you currently have cables installed throughout your business, connecting various devices such as desktop computers and servers, you may be wondering when you’ll ever need to install new cables or call in for replacements. The following are a few situations that may require new cabling:

  • Office changes. Your office space is expanding, and you need to add new devices to your network.
  • Worn out cables. Your existing cables may show signs of wear and tear. Maybe the jacketing is falling apart or the cables are connecting only loosely. Sometimes, you can have repairs performed on cables. Other times, it’s best to replace them completely.
  • Needed upgrades. The types of cables you use affect your network’s speed and performance. If your data gets transmitted too slowly or inconsistently, or if it sustains losses while in transmission, it’s possibly a sign that you need new cables. (Although keep in mind that other defects in your network, unrelated to cabling, can also result in network performance problems.)
  • Sub-par set-up. Your cabling may have been initially installed in a sub-optimal way. Your cables may be subject to extreme temperatures, humidity, and interference from sources of electricity. In this case, it’s a good idea to re-install your cables or at least fix the areas of your installation that are most problematic.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and further discuss our network cable installation services. Even if you aren’t sure that you need new cables, you can benefit from a review of your network health. We can help you check that your cables are installed in an optimal way, connected properly to your devices, and labeled thoroughly so that you understand the function of each cable.

The Best Office 365 Features For Businesses

The Best Office 365 Features For Businesses
office 365 features

With their release of Office 365, Microsoft aims to help businesses that currently rely on Microsoft’s Office applications. Office 365 is a new suite of programs that will help businesses become more productive, along with keeping their information secure. If you are a business owner/manager, here are just a few of the office 365 features that may interest you.

Allow For Greater Productivity

When it comes to productivity – something every business manager is after – it all comes down to one thing: how easy is it to do your work? If something makes your job easier, it will increase productivity. That is essentially the goal of Office 365. Microsoft designed this suite of programs with simplicity in mind, so that your employees can spend more time worrying about their own tasks, rather than the technology performing them.

In The Cloud

One of the ways that Microsoft made these programs easier to use is by connecting everything through their cloud storage system. This means that employees can share files more quickly, make changes to those files, and access them from anywhere. As long as you have a computer, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection, you can access everything you need.

Administrator Control

Lastly, Microsoft has made it so administrators have a high level of control over the product, something that will make your IT department happy. By giving you more control over the system, you can monitor what is going on within the program, and correct any problems on the spot, should they arise. This means less time waiting for your IT guy to get off the phone with Microsoft’s support team, and more time being spent getting work done.

As you can see, there are some great features that can benefit your business, and there are many more. If you would like to learn more about how this suite of programs can help your business to become more productive, please feel free to contact us at any time.