IT Support News: Improving Productivity with Microsoft Office 365
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One of the goals of high-quality IT support is to help employees make more productive use of technology. Improvements that increase efficiency and reduce distractions can potentially lead to greater profits and less waste in time and money. For starters, consider whether employees are taking advantage of all the helpful features in the software they rely on.

Sometimes, people don’t know about useful software settings or capabilities that make work tasks easier.

Here’s one example: New updates to Microsoft Office 365 will help people organize their work better, stay more focused, and ultimately save time.

What are some of these helpful features?

  • Employs can benefit from the ability to look up articles and other reference materials without having to leave Word. This makes research more easy, while reducing the chances of getting sucked into Internet distractions, such as scrolling through Twitter or checking email unnecessarily.
  • The reference materials uncovered during the search can get automatically formatted as citations, saving time when employees compile their lists of references.
  • Changes to Outlook can facilitate focused communication with the use of mentions.

With Office 365, Microsoft regularly looks for new ways to strengthen collaboration and communication. They aim to improve work performance through automating certain tasks and allowing users to personalize settings in ways that contribute to the specific tasks they need to perform and the style of writing and communicating they prefer.

IT support personnel can help guide your company choose the best software and ensure that you and your employees know about helpful features and understand how to work with them. The potential benefits include a higher quality of work and meaningful increases in productivity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further advice and assistance with optimizing your use of technology.

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