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Proactive IT or Reactive IT: How Should You Manage Incoming Problems?

proactive IT

There are two ways to approach IT support: proactively or reactively. In this blog, we’ll describe each strategy and explain why we believe businesses should opt for proactive IT. Proactive IT detects problems early on Here’s a little hint about your company’s IT hardware — there are going to be hundreds of bumps along the way. There’s nothing you can do to prevent them from ever existing. What you can do, however,

Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure: Top 3 Tips

manage your cloud infrastructure

You have heard all about the Cloud and SaaS, and were convinced enough to get the software for your business. Now what do you do? How does someone manage this software successfully for the growth of their business? Learn how to manage your cloud infrastructure. Here are three hot tips in cloud infrastructure management that will put you on the right path for greatness! Manage your cloud infrastructure Develop Your Strategy

Learn Basic Excel Formulas And Streamline Your Business

Basic Excel Formulas

Basic Excel Formulas follow a simple, yet powerful pattern and can be used to accomplish automatically a number of functions that would many hours of manual calculation.  The structure of a basic excel formulas takes the pattern of an equals sign followed by a command, then parenthesis.  Inside of the parenthesis, you specify the values or cell references that serve as variables to the command. Examples of basic excel formulas

How To Avoid Screen Burn: Computer Tip of the Day

How To Avoid Screen Burn

Whether you’re using a laptop, netbook, tower, or tablet, if you’re connected to separate peripherals (such as a docking station, monitor, or printer) you’re probably costing your employer more money than you have to. It is very important to know how to avoid screen burn. Many office users fail to power down their peripherals at the end of the working day, and this causes undue power usage throughout the evening.

Common Computer Problems: Not Powering Off Your Work Station

common computer problems

Power off. At the end of the business day, unless your IT department has specifically instructed you not to do so, you should power your work computer off completely. Even if the IT department has told you not to leave your computer off overnight, you should still power down before you leave work for the day. Its one of the most common computer problems, but it’s important to be mindful

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