3 Strategies to Help Minimize the Effect of Server and Network Downtime

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Server and network downtime can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Each time a server or network goes down, your company data is at risk. There are a lot of reasons for downtime, like power issues for example. Although issues such as hardware failures, human error, and power outages are out of your control, you can control how downtime affects your business. Below are three strategies to help minimize the effects

Top 5 Benefits of SaaS for Small Businesses

Small businesses often struggle with the demands of improving their marketplace position while maintaining a solid infrastructure. A weakened economy adds to the issue, forcing small businesses to re-think their budgetary requirements and cut costs across the board. If you find your business in this position, it may be time to consider the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. What can SaaS options do for you? Here are

Outsourced IT Support is a Leg Up to the Playing Field


The thing about your internal enterprise IT support is that the latter is always a cost center and somewhat like a 25-pound weight around your otherwise lean midsection. Who hasn’t cringed under the gimlet eye of the IT manager, who, in response to a suggestion or request for more data access has replied, “No, we can’t do that now. Our system is maxed out because of the monthly usage reports

Top 10 IT outsourcing stories of 2012

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Research into the UK outsourcing sector in 2010 found that 7.4% of the UK’s total production came from outsourcing, and about a third of that – some £38.7bn – was IT outsourcing. It is a sector that adapts to market conditions, reshaping itself to give customers what they want. The past year has seen the public sector feature heavily in outsourcing news. The government wants to cut costs, so it

Acronis Urges MSPs to Take Note of IT Cliff

4 Corner IT - Managed Services - Fort Lauderdale, FL.

There’s a lot of talk in Washington DC regarding a possible ‘fiscal cliff,’ but what about the IT cliff? There’s been little to no talk on the potential cliff in our industry, an increasing number of mobile devices being brought into the workplace following consumer gifts and spending on mobile devices during the holiday season. With record numbers of iPads expected to sell this holiday season, Acronis, provider of data