Protect Yourself from Eavesdropping on VoIP Phone Systems

protect yourself from eavesdropping on voip phone systems

VoIP phones are becoming increasingly popular among business owners due to their low cost and flexibility. You should know that no phone system is entirely secured right out of the box, but there are steps you can take to keep your business from being at risk.

4 Corner IT can implement these steps for you when you sign up for VoIP services. Here are some ways you can increase the security of VoIP services easily and inexpensively:

1. Maintain Separate Networks

Maintaining separate networks for your data and VoIP services will expose the network to fewer threats because there is a smaller attack surface as a result. Your networks do not have to be separated physically, as using technology to create a “logical separation” will also suffice.

2. Take Advantage of Encryption

Being able to intercept VoIP phone calls won’t benefit a hacker if he or she is unable to decipher them as a result. Encryption won’t prevent calls from being captured, but could nonetheless deter hackers since they would be unable to understand them.

3. Use Firewalls to Keep People Out

This should go without saying, but you need a firewall that is especially secure whenever you are using VoIP communications in order to prevent people from being able to intercept your phone calls in the first place.

4. Authenticate Users on the Network

This will ensure that unauthorized users are unable to use your network, which in turn will reduce the odds of an interception.

5. Avoid Talking on Wireless Networks

Your risk of outside interference increases whenever you use VoIP in conjunction with a wireless network. As such, you should caution employees who are frequently away from the office as to the dangers of using VoIP to communicate via a laptop.

These are a few things you can do to ensure privacy while using VoIP services. To find out more about how VoIP services can benefit your business, contact us.

Unix Based Operating Systems: The Future of Computing Started in 1969

unix based operating systems the future of computing started in 1969
Many feel that smartphone technology is more successful than its bulky counterpart, Windows.

Statistics in 2012 showed that out of 1.1 billion smartphone users, 900 million considered iOS and Android, Unix-based operating systems, their preferable choice. These numbers are showing that 4/5th of the population is happily walking around with Unix in their pocket.

Both Apple iOS and Google’s Android are variations of the Unix operating system. With 900 million concurrent users, Unix and Unix based systems have exploded on the market as the most reliable operating systems for mobile devices.

One must consider that though Unix may be swiftly becoming the king OS, Windows has a proven staying power maintaining steady numbers through the years – until now.

Part of Unix’s charm is it offers users another option to the buggy Windows operating systems. For so long, PC and laptop users have been held captive by Windows; unable to escape its clutches because they had not yet been provided with a formidable competitor.

Since the PC market has begun to deteriorate due to the use of smartphones and tablets, Unix will undoubtedly continue on a tremendous growth trend, continuing to improve along the way.

Natural selection in the tech industry will eventually eradicate Windows OS. Since users have been privy to the Unix system through their mobile devices, it is only a matter of time before Unix dominates the PC market as well, effectively making Windows OS obsolete.

In the tech industry, trends tend to follow a direct path. When considering how quickly Unix has taken hold, it is difficult to see Windows OS making a come back. In definitive terms, Windows may have finally met its match.

5 Simple Things to Think About When Considering VoIP Phone Services

5 simple things to think about when considering voip phone services
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol

Thinking about replacing your old phone system with VoIP phone services?

Many companies large and small have, and none have regretted it! Cost-overheads are usually significantly less, it’s simple to tack on additional phone lines and customization through software instead of having to have new equipment installed for every new feature.

But before you go on a shopping spree, here are five simple things to think about that will save you a world of headache:

Know What You Want

 Nobody knows your business like you do, so nobody is more qualified to know what you will need. Do you just need to be able to make phone calls from a few desks while your company grows? Do you have an army of desktops, laptops, etc. with a need for an on-site server to route hundreds of calls to the right destinations? With a little research and asking questions you can learn which options will be best for your team, and which will give you the services you need.

Is Your Network Up To It?

Most internet connections that are called “high speed” are easily up to the task of handling VoIP services. If your system is not up to par for VoIP, it may be necessary to make some upgrades to handle the amount of data VoIP services call for.

What Features Do You Want?

Business phone systems offer a lot of options, and you don’t want to miss out on that one feature that could make the difference between boom or bust. Research your options carefully so you don’t buy something you don’t need and you don’t miss an option that could turn out to be a real productivity multiplier.

Check Out Reviews

Many sites offer reviews of companies and their track records of service. You should read these reviews and decide their merits. While some people are never satisfied, a good review site will post positive as well as negative comments, and some will even have areas of feedback for the company in question. Check multiple sites and see what others have to say.

Know What You Want To Pay

It can be time consuming to go to company after company and ask for quotes from each one. The good news is that some sites have price comparison features that can save your fingers a lot of walking. Pricing structures can vary, so think about what the plans will cost you.

Pricing by the minute may be fine for a company that sees little telephone traffic in the course of its business, but a company that has heavy telephone traffic may benefit from monthly pricing.

Armed with these 5 simple considerations, you should now be able to begin your search for the VoIP services that are right for you. Contact us  get started finding the solution that fits your needs!

Network Support in Miami Explains No-Cost Ways to Keep Company Data Safe

network support in miami explains no cost ways to keep company data safe

Like any other small or medium business owner, you rely on such data as customer addresses, commercial transaction records, and supplier contracts, to keep your company humming.

You’ve no doubt implemented several software solutions to protect your network from hackers and malware. Such measures proved costly and time-consuming to implement. If you want to increase protection for your company information, follow these tips, which cost you nothing.

Turn Your Displays Away from Public View

If your monitors face windows, then passersby on the sidewalk outside, or spies using binoculars in the next building can observe you entering data. Displays visible from office corridors also suffer from the same visibility. To avoid this issue, position your screens so only the users can view them.

Avoid Logging In with Free WiFi Services

One way you save money and still remain connected to work is to use the free WiFi services available in coffee shops or public transportation, among other locations. Unfortunately, any hacker can use the unsecured airwaves to observe the data on your screen. To avoid this, do not use any websites that require logins, such as your personal email or company database.

Lock Up Unused Equipment

When you upgrade your mobile machines, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, what happens to the old devices?

You may just put them in an unlocked desk drawer or on your desktop, ready to be taken by thieves. Unused equipment must go inside locked drawers or locked cabinets, preferably inside a locked room where you and just a few trusted employees have the key.

Wipe the memories of such devices regularly to prevent hackers from taking the device just to access the hard drive.

If you want to know more about how to keep your company data safe, please contact us, your network support in Miami.

What is CRM Integration and What Are It’s Benefits?

what is crm integration and what are it benefits

The whole point of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, is to keep all of your customer’s information organized so that you have no problem keeping track of it, while also managing customer activities and conversations.

This lends a helping hand, specifically, to the customer service, marketing and sales teams because with the information collected, they can better understand the wants and needs of your customers. Each day many businesses waste valuable time and effort, simply searching for information. That’s time that could be spent working on more important aspects of your business.

CRM Integration, simply speaks to a consolidation of all your company’s information into one centralized database, but ultimately means you’re not relying on an in-house data structure to carry out day-to-day tasks.

This way, you and your team can get any necessary work done, come rain or shine; while you’re in the office or out. As a bonus, integrating your website & marketing software means that your customer’s information goes right to your CRM.

Take for example, if a potential customer were to download a white paper or some type of informational guide from your website. If your maketing software is automated & integrated with your CRM, then a new log, or record, will be created of when the customer visited your website last; what pages the customer looked at; what information they requested and so on.

This log will then be sent to a sales rep for a follow up on that potential customer. Giving your sales team the best leg up in terms of converting a potential customer into a paying customer.

Lets consider some other benefits that CRM integration can offer your business:

  • It can improve communication & customer retention.
  • It can Enhance customer prospect tracking.
  • Makes it possible to deliver more targeted marketing, with higher quality leads.
  • More efficient workflow and customer processing.
  • You’ll save valuable time and effort because all needed information is at your fingertips.

Whether big or small, all businesses can reap the rewards of CRM integration. Giving them an invaluable edge as the need for organization increases.

You need a partner that ensures your success, not a run of the mill computer guy or IT Company benefiting from your problems.

4 Corner IT is the next level for your company, let us show you the why and how. Contact us to request a call or an appointment with one of our IT experts.